How To Have A More Eco-Friendly Home

How to make your home more eco friendly #ecofriendly #howtomakeyourhomemoreeofriendly #goinggreen #greenhome


The number of people who are becoming more and more eco-friendly is growing by the day.

People are beginning to realize that our planet and we as species are in great danger of extinction because we are being reckless in using the natural resources Earth has to offer.

Even though it might seem irrelevant, if we all make one small change in respect to the way we live and use energy, water, and other natural resources, we can make a huge positive impact on our environment.

Read on to find about some small ways to make your home more eco-friendly, which are a great step towards an eco-friendly world.


How To Have A More Eco-Friendly Home

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How to make your home more eco friendly #ecofriendly #howtomakeyourhomemoreeofriendly #goinggreen #greenhome



1.   Conserve water


Households often use enormous amounts of water, of which a lot is simply wasted.

If you want to make your home more eco-friendly, you should be more considerate of your water usage.

First, check for and fix any leaks in your home – this can cause gallons of wasted water down the drain. However, if your home doesn’t have any leaks – great, but you still have work to do.

For example, to save a tremendous amount of water, don’t run the water while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. It might seem like a small step, but it means saving quite a lot of water.


How to make your home more eco friendly #ecofriendly #howtomakeyourhomemoreeofriendly #goinggreen #greenhome


People in Australia have taken this seriously and a vast majority of them (86%) turn off the water while brushing their teeth.

Next, it is very popular as well as efficient to install a low-flow showerhead low-flow showerhead – some studies have shown that these magical shower heads save up to 42.000 gallons of water for a family of 4.

Shorten your showers to 5 minutes total and you’ll save up to 1000 gallons a month!

Consider installing an eco-friendly toilet in your bathroom as they will save up to 13.000 gallons of water a year. Follow in the eco-friendly footsteps of Australians – of whom a staggering 87% installed a dual flush toilet in their house to save water when flushing, a recent study has shown.


2.   Save electric energy


You can easily make every room in your home more eco-friendly by installing LED lights.

Besides using less electricity, they last longer than regular light bulbs. Figures show that they use 75% less energy and they last 25 times longer than traditional, incandescent ones.

Another waste of electric energy are lights turned on in rooms where nobody’s present. Remember to turn off the light when you leave the room. And if you can’t, install light sensors, which will automatically turn off the lights when nobody’s there.


How to make your home more eco friendly #ecofriendly #howtomakeyourhomemoreeofriendly #goinggreen #greenhome


Moreover, unplug any appliances and devices that are not used frequently and check that your freezer and fridge are not working too hard – set them to optimal temperatures.

And whenever possible, line dry your laundry instead of turning on a dryer, which is a huge energy consumer.


3.   Heat and cool your home the eco-way


Heat and cold are weather conditions that can be used to warm up and cool down your home in a natural way if used correctly.

In order to create a green and healthy home, take a look at some useful tips and ways to do that.

People living in sunny and hot continents such as Africa and Australia have the opportunity to use natural sunlight to heat their home. And the way to do that is to open up the drapes and blinds and let the sunshine in.

It will cost you nothing, and you’ll still be able to heat your home in colder days.


How to make your home more eco friendly #ecofriendly #howtomakeyourhomemoreeofriendly #goinggreen #greenhome


However, so much heat is a double-edged sword, because in hot summer days what you need the least is more heat!

Air-condition is definitely not an eco-friendly option as it will use a lot of energy to cool down the whole house.

Instead, it is better to use an eco-friendly alternative of installing pergolas, which, when placed in the right way provide enough shade for your home and in turn, they lower your electric bill since they don’t use any electricity.


4.   Recycle And Buy Recycled


Recycling is an excellent eco-friendly trend, whether you recycle or buy recycled products.

By recycling, we reuse the sources that were already used and there’s no unnecessary waste of resources.

People recycle many things from cans and kitchen rolls to paper and they also purchase many recycled products such as mobile phones and gaming consoles.

People nowadays can even buy recycled furniture made entirely from eco-friendly resources such as 100% natural latex, eco-wool, and organic cotton, locally sourced or reclaimed wood, and recycled fabric.


Going all green isn’t an easy and cheap step, but it is a step worth taking.

Start slowly, by introducing your home to a new eco-friendly way every week.

You’ll feel good about yourself, preserve the Earth’s ever-decreasing resources, recycle and on top of it all – sleep peacefully knowing you’re doing your best to save the planet.


This is a Guest Post by Author Mia Johnson.

Mia Johnson is a writer with a ten-year-long career in journalism. Recently, writing on behalf of Aspect Shade from Sydney. A native to Melbourne, she now lives in Sydney with her 3 dogs where she spends her days writing and taking care of her 900 square feet garden


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How to make your home more eco friendly #ecofriendly #howtomakeyourhomemoreeofriendly #goinggreen #greenhome


How to make your home more eco friendly #ecofriendly #howtomakeyourhomemoreeofriendly #goinggreen #greenhome


Keto and Fat Loss: What You Need to Know

Keto and Fat Loss

The keto diet has been around for ages. It has been used by bodybuilders all over the world to get lean and shredded during contest time.

The main principle of the keto diet is to consume a diet that’s very high in fat. You’ll be required to consume 75 to 80 percent of your daily calories in the form of fat.

Fats that are recommended in the keto diet are:

  • Avocado
  • Avocado Oil
  • Cheese
  • Chia Seeds
  • Coconut Oil.
  • Cream
  • Eggs
  • Fatty fish (Mackerel, salmon, sardines, halibut, etc.)
  • Flaxseed
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Nut Butter
  • Nuts
  • Olive Oil

There are many other foods besides the ones listed above. You’ll need to do your research and see what they are. What matters is that your diet is comprised of these foods and that you follow the macronutrient guidelines religiously.

20 to 25 percent of your calories will come from protein.

Most people will not be able to wrap their heads around the fact that they need to consume so much fat. They’ve been led to believe that eating fatty foods makes you fat and raises your cholesterol levels.

However, just by observing the obesity epidemic plaguing the US, we can tell that most people don’t have a clue about fat loss. Eating fat actually encourages the body to lose fat.

The real culprits for weight gain are sugar, processed foods, junk food and excessive starchy carb consumption. The keto diet puts an end to all of these causes of weight gain.

When most of your diet is fat, two things will happen. Firstly, your body starts adapting and realizes that it needs to use fat for fuel, instead of the glucose that it is used to consuming. So, it get’s it’s calories from fat.

Secondly, it realizes that since it’s getting ample amounts of fat, it doesn’t need to stubbornly cling on to its fat stores for future use. It will then be more willing to shed the stubborn pounds.

So now, you have a body that burns fat for fuel… and it sheds the excess fat much faster. This is the best place to be if you want fast and effective weight loss.

The reason so many people struggle to lose weight is because they’re battling their bodies. The body is burning glucose for fuel, instead of fat… and it doesn’t want to let go of the fat it’s holding on to.

The keto diet solves these problems very swiftly.

Do note that while the keto diet works wonders, the principles of weight loss remain the same. You’ll need to be at a caloric deficit of 500 calories a day. You can check your calorie numbers here:

Even on a keto diet, if you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight. So, you must be at a caloric deficit.

Once you’re expending more calories than you consume, your weight will come off much more easily, and it will mostly be fat. You’ll lose a good deal of water weight too, because carbs hold on to water.

Your body will become leaner, more vascular and turn into a fat burning machine. It will take anywhere from 4 to 7 days to reach ketosis, depending on the individual and their compliance to the diet.

Once you reach ketosis, combine your diet with intermittent fasting and a regular exercise program and you’ll shed all your excess fat in no time at all.

Challenges While Raising Kids and Caring for Elderly Parents

Raising Kids and Caring for Elderly Parents

Whether you share the same roof with your elderly parents or not, while raising kids at the same time, it can be really tough and challenging. You have to balance between both worlds since they all need your support and depend on you. Although it’s sometimes impossible to manage everything at once, especially with a full-time job, you can make a compromise in order to comfort both sides and make everyone’s life easier. Here are some tips on how you can handle this situation and come out as a winner.

Teach your children manners

If your parents live alone, accustom your children to visit them often and help them with chores. They will appreciate their company, and the fact that they actually care for them will make their hearts swell with happiness. This way, you are on the right path to raising good people, just like your parents wanted you to be when you grow up. Elderly people can sometimes be a little bit annoying while retelling the same stories, for which you don’t have time to hear all over again. They often complain about every little thing, and due to a huge age gap, you can’t reach an agreement. Take a deep breath, let them be and don’t try to change them. Arguing with them will make you feel bad since they are old and get upset easily. But, you must teach your children to always listen and avoid confronting them, just out of respect. Grandparents can be fun too, and you can always suggest playing board games, which will bring them together. On the other hand, hiring a part-time nanny won’t make you a terrible mother, so whenever the time allows, you can go and visit them instead.

Raising Kids and Caring for Elderly Parents

Don’t hesitate to seek extra help

Assuming that your kids are grown enough, maybe they can make breakfast or lunch for your parents while you are at work. If no one is at home to do that, and your parents need constant care, you can politely ask your close friends to do the grocery shopping and prepare them a quick meal. And if all this burdens you, maybe it’s best to seek flexible aged care services because you need some rest, as well. These institutions offer their residents to design their own daily routine, providing them the freedom to wake up or dine whenever they want, and there are registered nurses on hand 24/7. Also, the elderly are allowed to choose their own food menus and decide on which activities they want to participate in. Although it might be tough at first not to have your parents at home, you can be sure you’ve left them in good hands, and you can finally have some time to satisfy your own needs.

Balance is important

If the doctor’s appointment and a school play happen to be on the same day, don’t hesitate to ask your husband or someone from the family to complete one task. If they truly understand the severity of the situation, they will help you no matter what.

Raising Kids and Caring for Elderly Parents

Make your home safe and accessible

If your parents live with you, try to ease their daily activities while you are at work. Make sure that the main bathroom is near their bedroom, so they won’t have to walk a long distance to use the toilet during the day or night. Even better, if you and your spouse are financially able to, you can build an auxiliary bathroom with a walk-in shower with handlers and a shower chair. Just make sure that the bath mats are slip-proof so they won’t slip and fall. Purchase them a mobile phone so they can call you and the other family members whenever it’s urgent. Ask your children to teach them the basics because I’m sure they would be pleased to help their loving grandparents with new technology.

As much as we enjoy seeing our kids growing and developing, we often tend to forget that our parents are growing old too, and they won’t be here forever. No matter how hard it is to even think about our once healthy and strong parents barely moving and slowly losing their memory, we have to accept the fact that it’s a natural flow of life and we can’t change what is meant to be.

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6 Effective Fitness Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

Fitness Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

Coming up with an exercise routine and sticking to it can be challenging enough on its own, but it becomes near impossible when you’re a stay-at-home mom. No matter how much and how well you plan, pretty much anything else that is related to your kids can flush your plans down the drain. However, as difficult as it sounds, exercising is possible, and here are six smart tips that might help you.

Get up early

There’s nothing you need to do at 5:30 a.m., so consider working out before your day actually begins. You’d be done before everybody else even wakes up, and exercising can wake you up better than any coffee. Of course, this also means that you’d probably need to go to bed a bit earlier than usual if you want to get enough sleep.

Use every opportunity

 Fitness Tips 

When you have a busy schedule, you have to get a bit creative. So, use every opportunity you can to train a bit. For example, get on the treadmill while your kids are watching TV, meal prep your healthy food or snack options while they are playing, or do some HIIT exercises while they are eating. Even if you can’t find time for exercising, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be active. Do an extra lap on the stairs when doing chores, walk to work when the weather is nice, and do some simple exercising like squats whenever you can. When it comes to staying fit, everything counts.

Involve your friends and family

If you want to work out regularly, you have to make time for it. One of the best ways to make time is to find somebody to take care of your kids while you get your daily dose of training. For example, your partner could take them to the park once or twice a week, your parents could take care of them a few times, and even your neighbor could be helpful if they like or have kids. Of course, not everybody has this kind of support, but if you do, use it.

Wear your workout clothes

If there is nothing important scheduled for the day, wear your workout clothes. Being in your quality compression clothing can get you in the mood even if you’re just enjoying your day around the house. Moreover, it would make exercising much easier, since you’d always be ready for a few squats. Plus, it would be a constant reminder to work out, even if just for a few minutes.

Fitness Mom and Baby

Include your kids

Including your kids in your workout sessions might seem challenging, but it’s actually quite easy if you turn exercising into a game for them. For example, you can always go for walks and bike rides with them. Also, there are plenty of games that involve some kind of physical activity, from playing with a ball to skipping a rope. Finally, you can always turn your chores into a workout and have your kids help you a bit.

Go easy on yourself

Some days, you’ll manage to find an entire hour for working out, while some other days, you’ll hardly get 30 minutes. And that’s okay. Even if you miss a day, don’t stress about it too much. Accept the time you have, and use it the best way you can. As long as you stay persistent, you will reach your goal sooner or later. And there’s nothing wrong about it being later.

Finding the time to work out while being a stay-at-home mom can be difficult, but it’s still very possible. So, organize your schedule, and use every opportunity you can to exercise a bit. Involve your kids if you can, and let somebody else take them off your hands for a bit so you can train. Finally, go easy on yourself, and have no doubt that the results will show in no time.



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5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Newborn and Toddler together

Somehow, we as parents always find a way to infuse worry and caution into our every thought. Whether we’re sitting in a meeting or at a family lunch, a shadow of doubt creeps up in a matter of seconds: is it too cold outside for her to be wearing that jacket? He has been outside for an hour already, I hope his feet aren’t wet. Is it allergy season already?

Of course, as a result, we strive to find new, healthy ways to boost their resilience and soothe our worries along the way. While some parents are already masters of this art, we can always learn something new from Mother Nature when it comes to finding the best ways to help them become stronger and their immune systems tougher!

  1. Prevent their exposure to cigarette smoke

Before we skip to introducing new habits, how about we cover the one that should be abandoned for good? This will be an excellent way to set the stage for great role-modeling, but also a crucial change in your kids’ health since secondhand smoke is known to be dangerous even for adults, let alone our youngsters.

It can impair their lung development and cause a range of diseases, all the while making them more prone to respiratory issues. If you‘ve been looking for a perfect way to motivate yourself to quit or to inspire your spouse to do so, your kids’ health should be your top priority in that regard.

  1. Create a sleep schedule

Baby Sleeping

Just like you can barely think straight when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, imagine how poorly the lack of rest can affect your little ones and their developing brains. Yes, they are active little rascals, but provide them with ample opportunity to be active during the day, limit their screen exposure before bed, and they will soon develop a healthy sleeping schedule.

Getting enough Z’s is crucial for keeping their immune systems up and running optimally since night is the time when our bodies rest and repair, and a consistent sleeping timetable lets your kids’ circadian rhythm become stable and healthy. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, can be harmful to their defense mechanisms since it causes inflammation and poor hormonal function that will make them more prone to getting sick.

  1. Get active as a family

Family Riding bikes together

Your kids are growing fast, and in order to have healthy bones, enough muscle mass, and maintain their weight at a normal level, they need to be active very often and avoid a sedentary way of life. Once again, teaching them to find other ways to have fun instead of watching the TV can help them build healthy habits, and why not make those a family tradition?

Regular field trips into nature, cycling to school and in the park, walking your pooch, and hiking can all come in handy for optimizing their energy levels and keeping their cardiovascular endurance high. If they are too young to take up cycling on their own, you can find a child’s bike seat to attach to your own bicycle and take them on rides regularly before the time comes for them to go it alone.

  1. Think plant thoughts

child getting fruit

This has become as clichéd as it gets, but it’s still an essential part of your parental efforts to boost your kids’ immune system: teach them to never skip their fruits and veggies! Greens are a pivotal part of their diet that will help them grow properly, ensure they have a balanced gut flora with ample prebiotics, and of course, you’ll give them enough vitamins and minerals through food to satisfy their daily needs.

Sometimes, you can add various natural supplements that will help you strike the right balance in their nutrition in case their diet isn’t enough, but make sure you get advice from your family doctor to avoid any nutritional deficiencies.

  1. Clean your home wisely

Finally, keeping your home clean at all times is always a priority for parents, but perhaps it’s time to re-visit your cleaning approach in case you’re using chemicals that could actually be harming your kids. If you take a look at a typical label on a store-bought product, you’ll see they are packed with toxins that are not just bad for the environment, but also dangerous for your family.

You can remove the germs and potential disease culprits with simple ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, baking soda and water, and there are numerous recipes you can rely on to make your own safe mixtures for all your cleaning efforts!

Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods

Getting your kids to eat healthy may be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. It’s all about positive relationship with both your kid and food. The major rule in every parent-child relationship and your initiative to raise a healthy kid is the fact that children do what they see their parents do. So, if you want to get your kids to eat healthier foods, you have to follow the same diet as well. Eating healthy may actually seem like a bigger problem to adults than it does to kids, which is why it’s important to utilize the following tips.

Don’t buy junk food

This is a pretty simple strategy that can result in everyone in your household getting healthier and eating a more balanced diet. All you have to do is to stop buying junk food and snacks. Instead, make sure that you always have fresh ingredients, healthy snacks, and natural juices to choose from. Organizing your grocery shopping list can help a lot in this case. For starters, stop buying more food than your whole household can consume before it goes bad. In order to do this, you can meal plan effectively at least a week in advance. Of course, try to opt for recipes that can always be adjusted a little, or use similar ingredients so that you add diversity to family meals. This routine will help the kids get used to eating whatever you prepare them, as well as help them stay away from junk food without actually, you have to pressure them to do so.

Make things interesting

The biggest issue for parents is to get their kids to eat fruits and veggies. One of the best tricks, in this case, is to make fruits and veggies more interesting. Aside from adding the fruits and vegetables to your regular meals in a way that kids wouldn’t really notice or pay much attention to, you can also shape fruits and veggies in interesting and funny ways that would make the kids want to try them. Also, smoothies and smoothie ice creams are sweet and tasty, and kids probably won’t have any complaints about eating those. However, if your kids have a strong dislike towards a specific fruit or vegetable, don’t force them to eat. The great thing about fruits and veggies is that there are plenty of healthy choices, and it would be a lot more beneficial in the long run to let the children choose healthy alternative they like instead of making them eat something against their will.

Fruits and Veggies on a kids plate

The freedom of choice

Speaking of letting your kids choose what they want to eat, this is truly a great way to direct them to the right diet path and have them discover plenty of healthy options they truly enjoy. For instance, always keep a couple of different snack options available for the situations when your kids want to snack. You don’t have to reprimand them about the benefits of one snack and the negative aspects of another as soon as they ask for a snack. Instead, tell them to go pick whatever they want. As they see a big choice, they won’t really mind the nature of the snack. They will still go for something they like and that’s good for them because the freedom of choice will make them happy and content.


Ways to make your kids eat healthy foods

Keep your food fresh

As mentioned, don’t get more food than you need. There’s no reason to waste money and resources like that. Actually, you can use the saved up money to invest in one of top quality Electrolux refrigerators that will both keep your food fresh for longer and will be kid-friendly. This is a very important aspect since kids find it especially rewarding to be able to get their own food from the fridge. That being said, don’t hesitate to let your culinary creativity flow, and always have healthy and tasty smoothies as well as interestingly cut up fruits in your fridge where kids can easily reach for them.

Play games with your kids

Do you remember how you used to draw pictures of a nice and bad smile with different foods drawn for each one when you were little? You can try the same approach with your kids but make it even more fun and informative! Don’t limit the game to the healthy smile, but also include a game where your kids should separate foods that are good for their brain/eyes/heart/etc. from ones that are the complete opposite. Make silly faces as you do this to boost the learning through visuals and entertainment.

It’s paramount that you avoid force-feeding, reprimanding and especially appearance shaming in regard to your child’s food and diet. Eating healthy should become a habit and a free choice, not stress and pressure. As they grow up, it’s perfectly normal and logical that your kids will get to eat junk food on certain occasions. But if they have a healthy relationship with good food, they will always come back to that.


Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy foods? We’d love to hear them.

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