The boys and I try to have movie night at least once a week. Whether it is one of their favorite tv shows or a movie that is our time together. When I told them How To Train Your Dragon 2, was out on DVD they said “mom we have to get this”. Of course I knew we were getting it but didn’t want to spill the beans just yet. Being an ambassador with Fox Insiders we are one of the first to receive the movies before they’re released to the stores.


When our package arrived they were so excited to see what was inside. Inside our box was party supplies, snacks, juice boxes, printable activities for us to use. In my other package was the Blu-Ray combo pack of How To Train Your Dragon 2. We got everything out and sat down to make swords, decorated the Viking helmets with the boys names, got the popcorn ready and everyone snacks on their plates and we were ready for showtime.


We enjoy watching movies at home rather than at theater because we can pause it and talk during the movie without disturbing others.
I can say by the end of the movie the snacks were gone and the boys actually sat still during the entire movie. It’s the little moments like watching a movie with the kids that can make their day as well as mine. The boys have watched it three or four times since our movie night and can’t seem to get enough. Oh did I mention Andrew has claimed our Toothless toy we received. The only time he doesn’t have it is when he goes to bed or school. We love watching Toothless and Hiccup on their wild adventures.

We had a really great movie night and can’t wait for our next one.

This would make a great stocking stuffer for the kids!


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