What a Day Full of Fun and Yes’s Looks Like with Capri Sun Roar’n’ Waters #WalmartCapriSun #Yessie

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Kraft-Heinz sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own.

Day full of yeses

Do you ever have those days when instead of saying “no” all day you want to try a day of “yes” to everything? I wonder what that would be like? I can only imagine what the boys would ask for if they caught on to mom saying yes all day. There are some days where I feel myself saying no to a lot and when I sit and think about what I’ve said no to, I know some of the things I could’ve said yes and just let them have their way or something they had asked for.

Luckily, I am challenging myself to a day of “Yes”. Do you think I can handle it? Do you think the boys will catch on that I am just full of yes’s? Over the weekend we had our first overnight where my middle son had his friend come over. I had to think long and hard about this because it wasn’t planned, it was last minute, opening season of College Football, almost six o’clock at night, but I said what the heck let’s do this. The kids had been begging me to let them have their friends over so I said yes.

By the time he got to the house it was almost our dinner time but as soon as his mom dropped him off, the boys were wide open, showing him around the house and then it was time to play a game of football with him in the yard. I knew it was supper time but I also knew I had challenged myself to try and say yes and I started with the sleepover, letting them play past dinner time outside, and staying up a little later than usual. By the time I got to bed I felt good about my decision to say yes. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

A Day of Fun and Yeses with the Boys

The next day I decided to challenge myself again. I knew the boys would ask for many things and they did. They wanted to ride their bikes around the property, so they took off on their bikes, and the dogs and I walked behind them. Of course, they wanted to show their friend the creek. He asked me could he walk in and I said yes. Why not? He is a boy and with my three boys and two dogs, I knew he would have fun with them. So after playing in the creek, they rode their bikes back to the house and they asked to go swimming. I said yes, we can swim once we get back and everyone eats their lunch. While they were playing I made some rice crispy treats to snack on and boy they sure did clean that pan in one sitting. I knew three boys could eat a lot but add the fourth one in and they’ll clean you out.

The weekend was coming to an end but that didn’t mean the yeses had to end. The friend asked if he could come over the next weekend and I said sure as long as it is okay with your mom you can come over anytime. Well, since the middle son had a friend over the other two asked if their friends could come over too. Guess what? The youngest has his friend coming over this coming weekend all because I said “yes”.

Eli drinking Capri sun

This morning before school started, the boys were packing their lunchboxes with all their goodies and my youngest wanted to know if he could have a fruity drink with breakfast? Hmmm. I thought about it for a minute and said the magic words he was hoping I would say “Yes”. I know what you are thinking right now, what is this mom thinking to send her son to school full of a sugary drink? Capri Sun offers a variety of drinks that offer various benefits– some have no high fructose corn syrup, some have no added sugar, etc. I feel good about what he is drinking and is packing in his lunchbox now. I know that is it a “better option for him” rather than other juices, plus with me saying yes to a drink that makes him happy and momma happy, is much easier than saying no and letting him carry just plain water to school every day. I do like to give them choices and change it up from time to time.

Capri Sun Tropical Fruit

Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters was so easy to find at Wal-Mart and so easy to stock up on, you might find that the #yessie comes naturally to you too. I love that Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters is a clear drink, so I don’t need to worry about staining in the event of spills or dribbles, which we all know happens, and I love that the drinks are perfectly sized for a fun drink on the go for growing kids. #WalmartCapriSun



6 Tips on How to Get the Kids off the Couch

How to Get the Kids off the Couch

With smartphones, tablets, and computers at our children’s fingertips, they’ve become more inactive than ever. In the era of technological accessibility, their idea of fun is watching TV for hours, playing with their phones and losing themselves in their virtual realities. Not only does this affect their health, it also has a negative impact on their general development. Thus, an important task lies before us parents – we need to make our kids get off the couch. However, instead of just forcing your kids to get moving, here’s how you can inspire them to do so.

Girls swimming in the pool and having fun

Plan fun family trips and outings

If your kids never leave your house except when they have to, you should take them on fun family trips and outings. Do they love animals? Take them to the zoo where they can see them in person rather than online. A picnic in the park is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, while hiking will reveal the beauties of nature to your kids. If you live by the sea, help your children discover the endless fun of sand castles, snorkeling, diving, and kite-flying.

Create a fun zone in your home

There are days when it’s a hundred degrees outside or it’s raining cats and dogs, so you can’t really leave the house. Don’t worry, there are other ways to inspire your kids to get off the couch and forget all about their phones. You should create a fun zone in your home that they won’t be able to resist. Whether it’s an arts and crafts corner, a blackboard wall or a small pool filled with sand, it’s important to find something that will engage them.

The family gets a pet dog

Get them a dog

Every kid wants a pet, so give one to your children. If you want to get your kids moving, a dog will help you achieve that. These goofy creatures are always running around, discovering the world around them and they will inspire your kids to do the same. There’s actually plenty of benefits of children growing up with pets and increased activity is just one of them. By entrusting them with the important task of taking care of their pets, you’ll help your kids become more responsible, which is another important task that parents have.

Listen to their interests

You may spend hours on developing a perfect game for your kids only to realize that they find it boring. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you focus on their interests and use them as inspiration for creating fun games and activities. Your kids love music? Design a music wall in your backyard using old pots, pans, wind chimes and everything else you can think of. Do they enjoy playing a certain video game? Try to transform it into a live version that they can play at home.

Make exercising fun

If you present exercising as something boring that your kids simply must do, they will see it as a duty and try to skip it whenever possible. Instead, you should make exercising fun, by turning it into a game or competition. In addition, you can track your kids’ progress – how many games they have won, their best times, miles covered, etc. You can even introduce rewards as incentives!

Boy on a skateboard skateboarding

Introduce them to skateboarding

Skateboarding is an infinitely fun activity that has always been popular among kids. However, skateboarding isn’t only about fun. It actually offers plenty of benefits and there’s even a program called Get on Board designed to empower kids with autism through skateboarding. You can even make it more fun by getting your kids interesting skateboards. For example, if your son loves the Simpsons, you can get a cool Bart Simpson skateboard for your little mischievous boy, while for your daughter, you can get a colorful one. There’s no way they can resist them!

Inspiring your kids to get moving is important both for their health and the development of their imagination and social and cognitive skills. So, just make it fun and they will forget about their phones.

Also, check out these fun activities to try.

Tips for Getting the Kids off the Couch and Add More Movement to Your Day

10 Unique Outdoor Family Activities To Do This Summer

5 Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

10 Unique Outdoor Family Activities To Do This Summer

outdoor family activities

When winter gives way to spring, can summer be far behind? The answer, obviously, is no. And with the balmy weather, you’ll want to be out and about with your family for some together time.

But heading off to the park, going to the beach, or having a picnic — while all lovely ideas — lack originality. What you really want is to do something different, and this requires some creative out-of-the-box thinking. In order to get your creative juices flowing, what follows are 10 unique outdoor family activities to do this summer — so that family time can really be a fun time.

Catch Fireflies: In what represents a nod to nostalgia, take the family out to catch some fireflies on a warm summer evening or night. Doing it properly is key since you’ll want to eventually release them. If you live in a state where there are lots of them around, you will no doubt see them light up when it gets darker. They can be found in tall grass, at the edges of streams, and in marshy regions. Use a net to capture them, put them in a clean container that has a lid with holes poked through so that the fireflies can breathe, and put a moistened piece of paper towel in the jar to keep the air inside the jar humid. Be sure not to keep the jarred fireflies for more than a few days.

Drive-Thru Movie: You probably have experience heading out to the movie theater with your family to catch the latest summer blockbuster, but how about changing things up a little bit by going to a drive-thru movie theater instead?. Drive-thru theaters are definitely not as popular as they once were, but they can give you the chance to spend time with family as you enjoy a show in vehicular comfort under the starlit night sky.

Plant a Garden: While planting a garden might not at first glance appear to be a unique outdoor family activity to do this summer, it actually represents a great way for your family to work together toward a common cause. From rototilling the garden plot to putting down the top soil, to planting whatever you desire, you can work as a team to develop the sort of garden that puts food on the table or that beautifies your property.

Treasure Hunting…Geocaching Style: Treasure hunts have been around for a while, but adding the geocaching aspect has modernized this traditional pastime. With geocaching, you and your family can look for caches, otherwise known as containers, filled with things that others have hidden. In order to find cache areas near where you live, take a look at Geocaching.com. After you’ve done this, you can use your smartphone — be sure to activate the GPS tracking feature — to seek out hidden items. In the interests of fair play, you should return the “treasures” after you’ve found them so that others can find them too.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Feeling adventurous? How about you and your family enjoy a hot air balloon ride. You and yours will get the chance to get airborne in a very real way that will give you an appreciation for the beauty all around you.

Pick & Bake: Do you and your family enjoy good old fashioned apple pie? The only thing that’ll make the experience better is if you and yours head over to one of those farms where you can pick your own produce. Head over, pick some apples or whatever fruit you like in your pie, and then work together as a family to whip up a mouth-watering dessert.

Hometown Tourist: It isn’t uncommon for people to take their hometown and the surrounding area for granted when it comes to sites and sounds. So why not conduct a bit of research to figure out what fun, overlooked activity options exist in your neck of the woods. Then head out with the family to explore like hometown tourists would.

Hot Potato Camera Game: If you’ve ever played the hot potato game, why not try a more modernized version of this game this summer? First, obtain a digital camera that has a timer. Set the timer so that it will, in a specified period of time, take a pic automatically. Sit with your family in a circle and take turns passing the camera from one person to another around the circle. The camera should be held as though you and the other members of your family are taking a selfie. Whoever is holding the camera when the camera snaps a pic will be eliminated from the game. Continue until there’s only one person standing!

Glow Lawn Bowling: Glow lawn bowling is one outdoor summer activity that your family will love. First off, it’s something you’ll want to do at night on the front or back lawn. First, fill up some plastic bottles with a mixture of water and food coloring — fill up enough to have a sufficient number of bowling pins. Next, use glow sticks to mark the boundaries of the bowling lane — and then take turns using an inflated ball as you would a bowling ball.

sack race

Burlap Sack Race: While burlap sack races have been done for generations, they represent a welcome nod to tradition. Divide the family into teams based on ages and physical abilities and take turns hopping towards the finish line.

So there you have it — 10 unique outdoor family activities to do this summer. Make the most of the family time during the warm weather season by trying one or more of these fun activities!

Find Local Events to Keep Kids Active

If you are struggling to keep your kids active and make sure they get enough exercise, you might want to consider looking for some local events. These not only provide physical fitness for the kids, but can be more enjoyable as wel

If you are struggling to keep your kids active and make sure they get enough exercise, you might want to consider looking for some local events. These not only provide physical fitness for the kids, but can be more enjoyable as well.

Runs and Races

This is a really popular event that you can get your kids or your entire family involved in. There are many themed runs, like a Thanksgiving Trot that is usually a 5K or runs for charity. Some runs are just a mile or a 5k, while there are slightly longer ones like 10ks. Then there are half marathons for the kids that are really into physical fitness. The great thing about these local runs is that they often donate proceeds to a charity or other worthy cause, so you are teaching your kids about philanthropy while also making sure they are getting enough exercise. It can also be a fun way to spend some time together as a family.

Farmer’s Markets and Street Fairs

Another collection of local events that could be good for getting your kids outside and more physically active is events like street fairs or farmer’s markets. This will vary based on where you live and what the population is. Some cities and towns will have a weekly farmer’s market in the morning on the weekend, which is great because the kids aren’t in school and you can bring them for some extra exercise. If it is close enough to your home, walk to the farmer’s market, then spend some time walking around the market as well. Plus, this is the perfect time to focus on their nutrition as well by stocking up on fresh produce from local farms.

If you are struggling to keep your kids active and make sure they get enough exercise, you might want to consider looking for some local events. These not only provide physical fitness for the kids, but can be more enjoyable as wel

Get Involved in Parades

You also might want to check out the parades in town. Instead of just watching the parades, see if you can get your kids involved in them. They will be doing a lot of walking for the parade, plus leading up to it when their group needs to practice for the parade. This is also something they can do if they are involved in a sport or other activity with their school. It is another fun way to get more physical activity, be involved in the community, and have great family time.

Start keeping up with local events so that you can get your kids more involved with them.

5 Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

5 Outdoor Activities that Get the Whole Family Moving

Life is full of daily activities that keep you running from one point to the next. However, carving out time for some of the activities that get the blood pumping and the heart racing is a little bit harder to do. Finding time to be active as a family is important, not only for your health but for your relationships as well. Here are a few outside activities you can do to keep your family active.

Picnic at the park – Pack a healthy lunch and hit up one of the local parks for the afternoon. There is no better way to get your family up and moving. This is a great way to bond and has a conversation that doesn’t consist of text messages and emails. Once you finish eating, the rest of the time can consist hitting the ball around, playing at the playground, or simply chasing your kids around for a game of tag. Either way, the whole family gets some exercise and some time to connect with each other.

Take a bike ride – This is such a great way to experience the outdoors with the whole family. Safe biking paths can be found all over to make it easier and the fresh air will do everyone a world of good. Many of the biking paths will go right past a park or playground so you will be able to get some extra playtime in. Biking is a great way to get your boost your energy levels and give your legs a workout.

Roller skating – Break out the roller skates or rollerblades and hit the pavement for a breath of fresh air and some exercise that will get all the muscle groups working. Roller-skating is especially good for your heart and is considered one of the best cardio workouts you can do. Find a bike path or just skate around the neighborhood and enjoy the scenery. The kids will love it and it’s a great way to be silly and get some laughs out of everyone.

Gardening – This is a fantastic way to get outdoors and get the whole family involved and working together. The entire process – from deciding what you will plant, to picking the seeds, to digging up some dirt – will engage everyone and get them excited about the possibilities. Not only is it terrific exercise, but it’s also a great way to teach children about patience and attention to detail. It will be especially fun to keep track of the progress and see the end result.

Walking – Taking a walk around the neighborhood is a super effective cardio workout and a way to catch up and chat with members of your family. Choose a different path each time in order to give everyone some variety. Step it up a level and wear ankle or wrist weights while you walk to give yourself an added boost. Walking is a leisurely activity that can also push your limits if you choose to do so. The family time together during your walk is just an added benefit to getting in shape.

It’s often said that people give up on their fitness goals because they get bored or burnt out on the activities that they are doing. It’s so important to incorporate a variety of ways to workout so you keep going, and have fun at the same time. Each member of the family should have a say in what activities are chosen to keep it fair. Given many of outdoor activities a family has to choose from, it will be a surefire way for everyone to stay active.

5 Outdoor Activities that Get the Whole Family Moving

4 Fun Outdoor Games You Need to Try

Here are some different outdoor games your kids can play that will keep them active without becoming a boring exercise.

If you are trying to get your kids to be more active, but they are hesitant, it might just be because walking or riding a bike isn’t as fun for them. Every kid is different, so you just have to figure out what physical activities your kids enjoy. For some, outdoor games are a lot more fun. Here are some different outdoor games your kids can play that will keep them active without becoming a boring exercise.

Lawn Twister

Who doesn’t love Twister? This is a really fun game and one that is a lot more physical than you might think. Having to stand in awkward positions with one leg in front of you and an arm far behind you is a skill that is difficult to master. The difficulty is what makes Twister so much fun. If you want to try it outside, you can make your own version right on the grass. All you need is spray paint in the classic colors of the Twister game, where you can spray the different circles of a typical Twister board game. Get everyone outside to play a few rounds.

Capture the Flag

You can also get the kids outside after dinner for a quick game of capture the flag. You can buy plastic flags at party stores or various other retailers, or easily make them yourself. You want to split up your family into two teams and decide where to put the flags, and where ‘base’ is to bring the flags to. Once you do that, the rest is just lots of fun and running around.


Cornhole is becoming a popular game for all ages. It is a type of beanbag toss game where there is a large board with a hole at the top. You need at least 2 people, or if you have at least 4, each team can have 2 people. Each person has 3-5 bean bags they try to toss one at a time. The points are based on if they make it on the board if the bag goes into the hole, and if they push another person’s bag off the board.

The longer you play this game, the more exertion people go through. Not only arm exercises from throwing the bean bags, but also constantly getting up to grab the bags from the ground every time a new round of cornhole begins.

Here are some different outdoor games your kids can play that will keep them active without becoming a boring exercise.


Kickball is also becoming a popular game not just at home but at school as well. Even adults play it. Very little equipment is needed and you can play with 2-4+ players. The rules are simple sorta like baseball, three strikes your out. 

This is a very good game to get everyone active even mom and dad. 

Do you have a fun outdoor activity your family loves to do? I would love for you to share them. 


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