Fun Halloween Bingo Game with Printable

Are you ready for some Halloween fun this year? I get tired of the same old boring Halloween games, so I decided to create a fun game for my readers. Halloween Bingo is super easy and fun for the whole family to play. I think I love this game the most because my entire family can join in, adults and kids alike.


You can print out this Halloween Bingo Printable HERE and enjoy it just as much as we have. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so we spend hours doing activities and playing games. Let me know if you print this out and how much you enjoy it. Halloween is just a few short weeks away, so you better start enjoying all of the spooky festivities soon!

Please feel free to use for personal use by printing. If you would like to share this on social media or any other platforms please link back to Life of a Southern Mom. 


St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trap & Bait

St. Patrick’s Day is rounding the corner. Whether you get decked out in green every year or never really celebrate, this craft is sure to get you and your family in the spirit! Make some leprechaun bait and a trap to try and catch one of those silly little fellas!

Leprechaun bait is a crowd-pleasing snack with a festive look and delightful taste. There is even a delicious healthy version! The salty and sweet mix is great for movie night while the veggies are perfect for an afterschool snack.

What’s more, Personal Creations created a tag for your leprechaun bait that makes for adorable goodie bags. Download the printable, cut and fold along the respective lines, and staple to your treat bag. Your little ones will love the cute rhyme!

Now that you have your bait, it’s time to lay the trap. Help your children cut, fold, and glue to build a tiny little leprechaun house. Add St. Patrick’s themed decor, such as a pot of gold, and your tasty bait to complete the trap.

Leave it overnight and check for a leprechaun in the morning. If you caught a leprechaun, he has to grant you three wishes in order to be released. It’s also possible that the pesky guy got away with some of your gold and treats.

Just like the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa, the whole family can enjoy the thrill of receiving a visit from a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun!

Disclosure: Southern Carolina Family did not receive any compensation for this publication.

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The Frugal Guide to a Great Day Out With The Kids

Frugal Guide to a day out with kids

A day out with the family is always a great way for everyone to be together. Planning the day can be quite stressful if you are on a budget, but there are a few things to consider to make it a bit easier. This guide will help you plan a fun day out which will be remembered for a long time. #

Set a Budget

The first thing you should do is decide on a budget. A budget is the best place to start with an outing because it allows you to have control over your spending and get the best out of your money and the day. It’s no good if you go to the beach and don’t have money for ice cream. Figure out how much you can afford to spend before you start making any plans, then you can work from there. 

Plan Where to Go & Check for Discounts

The second thing you should do is decide on what you are going to do. Having a plan in place will allow you to think of what you might need in terms of spending money when you get there. Of course, kids love activities such as visiting the zoo, going to the cinema or playing mini golf. However, some of these activities can cost a lot. So, check ahead of time and see if there are any discounts for booking online. You might also find special offers to make the day even better value. 

Free Days Out Can be Fun

There are plenty of fun days out which don’t cost any money too. Visiting the beach or going for a long walk can be fun for kids too. If going for a walk, try and choose a route with fun sights for them to see, or find a playground on the way. You could make a checklist of things for your child to spot, such as wildlife, plants or even types of vehicle. You could even give your child a clipboard and a pen for them to cross off their list as they find everything. 

Pack Snacks and Drinks 

If you are going out for the day, it’s a wise idea to take snacks, drinks and perhaps a packed lunch if you will be out over lunchtime. It’s amazing how much it can cost to buy a snack and drink each for everyone in the family. Whilst kids love going out for meals, you can make a picnic lunch really fun by packing their favorite foods and a blanket to sit on. 

Take Everything You Need

We know how important it is to prepare for all events when you have kids. Doing so will not only save stress on a day out, but it can also help save money. If you are going to the beach it is likely that you will need to pack some bottled water and sun cream. Take these items from home to avoid having to pay over-inflated prices when you arrive at your destination. 

Make a checklist before heading out, and don’t be afraid to prepare for all eventualities. Take items such as spare clothes, blankets and a first aid kit in case of emergencies. 

Before you leave the house you should go back over the checklist and make sure you haven’t missed anything. If heading out with babies, ensure you have enough supplies for diaper changes and feeding, if required. Not only will you save money by being prepared, but the day will also be more enjoyable if you don’t have to worry about where to buy supplies if you run out. You can visit to find more information about the essentials to pack in your diaper bag on a day out. 

There are many ways to have a fantastic day out with the kids, even if you are on a tight budget. The most important thing is to spend time together as a family. Be sure to take your camera to capture the precious memories you are making so they can be treasured for years to come!

9 Enjoyable Ways to Keep the Kids Busy Without Spending A Fortune

No matter the age of your children finding productive and budget-friendly things to do can be quite challenging. Below are 9 ways (that won’t cost a fortune) you can use on any day of the week to ensure your kids (or you) don’t go stir crazy.

Indoor Camp Out

What kid doesn’t love to pretend play and make their dreams come true? What they would love even more is actually bringing their imagination to life. Bringing the camping inside is just the fun they may be looking for.

For this activity you will need a tent, a real one will do or one made from sheets is good too. Pretend to light a fire and eat freeze-dried foods. You could also make indoor s’mores very easily at your stove or in your microwave. Be sure to get the sleeping bags and ghost stories ready for a fun night under the ‘stars’.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Sometimes it’s just simply too cold or rainy to get out of the house. Bad weather or not kids need to be able to have the space to release all of the energy they have.  Creating an obstacle course in your home is fun for everyone.

Try making the string laser course like you see in the movies for your kids. All you really will need is lots of string to create the course and then your kids can collect the objects you already have at home and put them in baskets at either end of the course.

Give Them Lots of Coloring Room

Kids Coloring

Kids of all ages enjoy coloring but depending on the age the activity can go pretty quickly before they are bored again. A way to switch up just plain old coloring is to buy a big roll of plain white wrapping paper. Use the wrapping paper and spread it out anywhere like the floor or across a table. This can be really cool for kids because they can just keep pulling the paper whenever they need more space to draw.

Get Crafty

There is nothing like a bit of DIY that gets kids excited! Learning how to make their own things will also give them a better appreciation for their belonging as well as the costs of things. Make sure you pick something that is useful but also achievable for a few age groups. You could try making animal masks or maybe a learn how to make a pencil case for the coming school term!

Have A BBQ With Friends

barbecue grill

Your kids want to be social and are usually begging to go hang out with their friends. Take this as an opportunity to throw a potluck BBQ. Tell everyone you invite to bring the sides and drinks and you as the host will be responsible for grilling.

Your kids having their friends around will keep them busy. With the kids so hyped up be sure to tell them beforehand the dangers of being near an outdoor grill and take the proper precautions regarding gas smoker safety.

A Day of Volunteering

An awesome way to give kids some perspective on how others live is to have them give back in some capacity. It teaches kids to have empathy and care for others around them as well as have gratitude for what they have in life.

There are many ways to give back that kids may be able to participate in. Some great places to start volunteering are your local soup kitchen, animal shelters, or spending the day cleaning up trash at your local park.

In Need of A Furry Friend?

If you can’t commit to an animal year round you can try pet sitting over the holidays. This can also help you decide whether you and the family are ready to get your own yet. It could be just a phrase and you end up doing all the work. They are a few places you can look for pets to care for or if your not keen a getting a puppy you can look at house sitting sites which also offer animal care.

Sensory Bins

Young toddlers to school ages children love to play with sensory bins. Sensory bins can be fairly messy so be sure to work on a sheet or outdoors where it is okay for you and the kids to get a little dirty. Make shimmer snow made from baking soda and glitter. Try a colored rice bin with just plain rice and food color. If you want to avoid the mess altogether fill a bin with cotton balls and simply add kitchen utensils and measuring cups and the kids will have a blast.

Make Your Own T-Shirts

Let’s be real, kids will practically draw all over the house if you let them. Foster their creativity skills and design your own t-shirts. It doesn’t take much to get this done and can be made on new or old shirts.

Use any type of art medium your child likes such as crayons, markers, or even let them paint on their shirt. Make sure to hand wash and dry your shirts so that your kids can cherish their creations for years to come.

With a little creativity and planning it easy to keep the kids busy! Once you have built up a repertoire of activities you will have then away from the TV and enjoying themselves all holidays!

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Family Hobbies that Will Make Your Life More Interesting

Family Hobbies that Will Make Your Life More Interesting

Family Hobbies that Will Make Your Life More Interesting

Families always look for a way to spend more time together. The world became a very busy place with too many things drawing our attention. Smartphones, tablets, game consoles, those are the things having fun with our children today instead of us.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Psychologists suggest using hobbies as a family tradition, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. This will create a deeper bond with your children and fun memories to reminiscence when they’re older. Since you might have children of different age, we prepared the list of hobbies which might suit every family. Perhaps one of them is the perfect one for your family.

  • Gardening for the whole family

One of the most underrated hobbies is certainly gardening. Usually perceived as something only intended for the women, today it’s a very desirable family hobby. Due to the awareness of environmental changes, more and more people decide to grow vegetables and greenery. Therefore, this is not only a pastime activity but can also be an educational one.

Through seeding and caring for plants, you will teach your children to be responsible towards their surroundings, especially environment. They will learn about the importance of nurturing nature and where the food comes from. Moreover, at the same time, you will all spend time together, have fun and enjoy relaxing conversations as a family.

  • Family book club

If you’re an avid reader and passed that interest onto your child, then it’s time to form a family book club. Children books and young adult novels are more popular than ever, so use that opportunity to create a family hobby. You can create a compromise – everyone can have their turn to choose the next read.

Additionally, this will also familiarize you with what children are reading today and their pop cultural interest. Many problems between parents and children come from the clash of generation. So this is a perfect way to bridge it and yet have fun with your children.  

  • Explore your mutual talents

It’s not uncommon for the whole family to share an interest, like watching a certain TV show or going to enjoying the same amusement park ride. Nevertheless, when it comes to talents and skills, that is something you shouldn’t miss out. If you and your child show an interest in learning something together, then don’t hesitate for a minute.

It’s true that some lessons may be financially challenging like learning to play a piano, archery or photography because they require additional equipment. However, used pianos, bows, and cameras are the affordable and ideal solution to not give up. After all, these kinds of hobbies stick for a long time and are wonderful for family gatherings through years.

  • Enjoy nature together

Clean air and physical activity are not only good for your children, but also for you. Hiking and nature exploring are perfect family outings and ways to de-stress yourself from the modern, busy life. Since this type of hobby can be exhausting, introduce it slowly.

More importantly, it is more likely that you will feel exhausted since kids are full of energy and adventurous. Therefore, at the beginning check one-day tours and local hiking spots. Later on, you can even go camping and rent an RV to get to other hiking locations in the country. However, try to make it fun and fascinating, since kids may get bored and easily lose interest.  

  • Cook together

Kids like to cook. You’ve probably noticed them “cooking” lunch in the yard from pebbles, grass, and flowers. So use that interest to create family time at least once a week. Remember, don’t make it as though your children are helping you, but cook together.

When smaller, they can wash the lettuce, season the meat and similar safe activities. Later on, you can allow them to cut the ingredients and even make the whole meal by themselves. The idea is to spend time together and teach them to prepare food for themselves. You’ll be teaching one another new recipes, nutritional habits and have fun at the same time.


Every family has interests they can share together and have quality time. Listen to your children and pay attention to what attracts their attention. There somewhere is the perfect hobby for the whole family and a wonderful way to create new and fun memories with your children.  

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