Fajitas in a Flash

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. And, what’s a better way to celebrate than with Fajitas for dinner! Who doesn’t love Fajitas? Fajitas are delicious, but they do take some time to prepare. Never fear. I have a recipe for cooking up fajitas in a flash. One quick recipe, but with all the flavor you love.



1 pouch of Frontera Fajitas Sauce

1 lb of Chicken Breast or Steak Pre-sliced

1 Bag of Fajita Vegetables Pre-sliced (Steam in Bag)

1 Package of Tortillas

1 Bag of Mexican Shredded Cheese

1 Container of Sour Cream

The Frontera Fajita Sauce is the headliner in this flash recipe. Most Grocery Stores Carry Frontera. I first found Frontera in Target during an afternoon shopping trip.  I thought I would give it a try, and let me tell you it was the best decision! There is so much amazing flavor in each pouch!


To get started you will need a large skillet. Place your skillet on the stove on medium-high heat. Cook the chicken thoroughly or if you prefer steak, cook to desired temperature. While the meat/poultry is cooking place the Fajita vegetables in the microwave and heat as directed. If you prefer to saute your vegetables instead that is perfectly fine. It may just add a few more minutes to your recipe time. Once the meat/poultry is cooked add  in the vegetables and mix in the Frontera Fajita Sauce. Heat until the sauce is warm. And that’s it! Your Fajitas in a Flash are FINISHED! Now it’s time for you and your family to assembled as desired.  I love piling high the cheese and sour cream on top! If you are looking for a side dish.  Try some quick Spanish Rice. 

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