Life of a Southern Mom has had the pleasure of working with World Vision on a review of a product from their gift catalog. If you are in search of a gift that says more than, “I stood in line at 5 AM to buy this for you at a highly discounted price,” then you have found the right place!


The World Vision catalog has a variety of gifts that you can purchase. However, unlike other gifts you might purchase, these gifts provide meaningful and life changing opportunities for others. This is certainly a very unique way to shop! There are really two different types of gifts that you can buy: a donation made in honor of your gift recipient or a handcrafted gift.

Making a donation through World Vision is a different type of experience. Rather than just forking over a sum of money and letting the organization determine how best to utilize it, the World Vision gift catalog allows you to select exactly what contribution you would like to make on behalf of your recipient. Choosing a very tangible donation item is a great way to get children involved in learning about giving and people in need. Items that would be fun for children to give might include animals, such as chickens or goats, soccer balls, bicycles, and school supplies.

world vision animals

For older children or adults, there are more abstract gifts such as career training, medicine, business loans, and crisis funds. These gifts can range anywhere from $16 for a soccer ball to $39,000 for a health clinic with a variety of items in between. There are also certain items which are matched by sponsors. These will have a multiplier on them to indicate how much will be matched.

world vision education

When you donate $50, it is matched eight times making a total contribution of $400 toward the school supplies needed.

Once you decide to give a donation, you select the item that will be sent. Each item has a description of how the item will be used and how it meets a need. For example, giving two chickens ($25) provides families a way to not only provide nutrition for their children, but also allows them the opportunity to sell any excess eggs to purchase other essential items, like milk or school supplies.

In order to “give” this donation to someone, World Vision helps you personalize a card when you check out. The card will include a photo of the gift, the description of the gift, and you can add a message yourself. You can then have the card mailed to your recipient, you can send it as an e-card, or you can print it and give it yourself.

Another way to make a meaningful donation through the World Vision catalog is by actually purchasing a handcrafted gift. When you decide to go this route, your gift recipient will not only receive a unique item, but the majority of the funds will go toward an area in which the money is most needed or will have the greatest impact. You can choose from items such as headbands, jewelry, coffee, serving spoons, scarves, and more. Remember when you are shopping that the prices primarily are donations with a small percentage covering the actual cost of the items themselves. By reading the description, you can find out the total amount of the donation by subtracting the fair market value of the product. As if you needed another reason to give, all donations are also tax deductible.

I received the Fair-Trade Coffee Set for review and I think this would be a fantastic gift for any coffee lover! The coffee itself is provided through which uses purchases and donation matching by grant partners to help fund World Vision projects. The Cafe Amani blend that I received has a decadent aroma. It has a very rich flavor and is 70% organic. I don’t care for espresso myself, but others who tried it said it was a great blend for making espresso.

world vision coffee

In addition to the coffee, you will also receive a gift bag which has been created by a group of African women through hand sewing.

world vision gift bag

Further, a scoop is included in your gift bag. This is a wooden scoop which is hand-carved. The sale of the scoops benefits orphans of the Kamba tribe. Both the gift bag and the olivewood scoop are high quality products which are very clearly made by people with a love and passion for their art. They are very nice and have the added bonus of providing financial assistance where it is most needed.

world vision coffee set

When you are shopping for the holidays, take a moment to consider giving and what the holiday season is truly about. Consider using the World Vision catalog to introduce your children to charity. This is a great opportunity that children and adults alike can access to get excited about making donations that make a real difference in people’s lives. To take a look at the World Vision catalog, click here.

To find out more about World Vision and the work that they do, stay in touch on their social media sites.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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