Life of a Southern Mom is always taking pictures. Whether it is taking pictures of the kids, products, family or outdoors we are always snapping a picture. We use our cell phones and Canon Rebel EOS T3i for picture taking. I received the opportunity to try EyeFi’s Mobi 8gb SD card for review. EyeFi knows that pictures can be priceless. They can capture the moments that we cherish most in our lives but technology is always changing. Pictures can last forever. As technology evolves photography will go right with it with EyeFi. They are changing the game in how we are able to share and keep our photos and memories. Eyefi products have transferred over 1 billion images from digital cameras to the Internet, mobile devices and PCs. We are obsessed with taking things with us everywhere. The SD card from EyeFi is just one more innovation in allowing us to do that. We have all heard of the infamous Cloud and that we can store anything there that we can possibly think of, but what about pictures that we take with our digital cameras? Can we put those in the Cloud as well and be able to access those where we want and when we want? The answer to that question is yes. To do that you simply need a SD card from EyeFi. The Mobi 8gb SD Card can hold up to 4,000 photos, 3 hours of video, and includes 90 day subscription to EyeFi Cloud.


It’s as simple as inserting the Mobi SD card, installing the app, taking the photos and then being able to enjoy the photos anywhere that you want. EyeFi brings together your quality that you get from a digital camera with the connection that your phone gets to the world. Now you can enjoy your photos and share them anytime and anywhere that you may want. Once a picture is taken EyeFi will instantly transfer from your camera to your mobile device. Then it will end up in the EyeFi Cloud.

EyeFi Cloud will sync all of your pictures that you take to your favorite devices so that you have the freedom to share anywhere. The 10 Eyefi Mobi SDHC card with built-in WiFi is compatible with pretty much any digital camera. If you are curious whether the SD card is compatible with your device check out the Compatibility Matrix to see. You may also be wondering where you can buy these SD cards:

In the United States you can get it at the following retailers: Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, DELL, Datavision Computer Video, Bedford Camera & Video, Rakuten, B&H and many others. The EyeFi Mobi SD 8gb Card can be purchased for just $49.99. This is perfect for anyone who loves taking pictures. Christmas is coming up surprise your photographer with one of these hot EyeFi Mobi SD Cards.

EyeFi SD Cards Price: $49.99/8GB, $79.99/16GB, $99.99/32GB

Mobi app compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows and Mac OS X

Before you take pictures this holiday season be sure you have the EyeFi SD Card so that you can share pictures on your devices. Visit EyeFi’s website here to learn more.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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