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eSalon was inspired by the idea that beautiful and quality hair color could be achieved at home without the uncertainties of retail products and expensive and often visits to the salon. They take into account your natural hair color, amount of gray hair, previous color applications, hair texture and condition and desired hair color to make a custom hair color formula and personalized instructions. eSalon uses a patent-pending technology that enables individual customization on a large-scale. They do not use pre-stocked colors and every order is custom blended, bottled and packaged. 

eSalon Hair Color Choice


Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to work with eSalon. I have always dyed my hair since I can remember, and about 5 years ago made the mistake of coloring it black. It has all eventually grown out but for some reason I couldn’t get the hair dyes from the store to color my hair, and there was  no way I could pay a huge amount to get my hair dyed, so I just kept it like it was. I was able to pick out the color I wanted, and eSalon took me through a process of questions to find out the best way to color my hair and what colors I have dyed it and at the end, it gave me about 15 colors I could pick from. Among it in the Dark Brown category was Golden Mahogany. I love dark hair with a slight golden red color so this was what I picked. It took only a few days to get to me. I have to admit when I got it, I started getting nervous about dying my hair, every other time I have dyed it the color wouldn’t stick to my hair, but I made sure to include that in my color profile. The kit came with everything that I needed and very clear and detailed instructions. After applying it I anxiously waited the 10 minutes (I had to wait 15 minutes before for the color on my roots and regrowth area) and I went into the shower and got all the color and got out and dried my hair. I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out! When I started to see that the color had stayed in I was so excited! The color turned out gorgeous and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to color it. 


I recommend this to any female who wants to dye their hair!

To purchase your own custom hair color, visit eSalon here.

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