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Football season is starting, and with that, it is time to make sure your living room, sports room, or cave is up to date with the latest in technology for your viewing pleasures! Football season is a very big deal in our house on Saturdays. We are all pulling for our team and cheering on others. The boys get into shouting at the TV because of a play the team played or a call the referee called and it is so exciting to spend time with the family on game day. My husband had an even better idea as how we could all watch the big games is having one of these home projectors set up. That way we could invite other family and friends to all come and hang out watching the bigger, brighter version of the game. I’ve included some details about this Epson model below so that you can see more information about how awesome this product would be to have for any occasion. The kids could have a movie night with their friends, or mom has her girl friends over for the upcoming Gilmore Girls coming in November or whatever it may be you can enjoy in front with this home projector.


Best Buy offers all the latest and greatest in technology, including the newest products from Epson. One of their newest products, that I am the most in love with, is the Epson Home Cinema Projector. This takes sports to a whole new level. This projector boasts a crisp 1080p resolution with 3LCD, 3-chip technology. This delivers 3 times brighter colors for a color that looks like it is physically standing right before your eyes. Along with a brighter display, the projector supports a robust 16W speaker to make you feel like you’re in the game or movie! Still, can’t think it can get better? This projector is lightweight and portable, so it can literally travel with you. I think this would be great to take to friends house for watching the big game. Even better is the 4400 lumens of color brightness which gives you a vibrant and beautiful HD display, even in large and well-lit spaces.

Not only is the Epson Home Cinema Projector perfect for watching your favorite team score the winning touchdown, but with the dual HDMI, you can connect to your cable or satellite box, gaming systems or even a streaming device. Just think of all the amazing Netflixing that can be done with this projector.

Are you ready to update your next football experience? Head over to your local Best Buy to start building your Epson Home Cinema Projector bundle, starting at only $1,699.99!


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