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It is the middle of summer and the boys have been wide open daily looking for something new to do and see. Today I received another awesome Peppa Pig VIP Parent package for Eli. I am telling you this child can not get enough of Peppa. He counts how many movies he has, wants the books read to him, and searches for another Peppa Pig toy that he can have. Peppa3

Our package included Peppa Pig Rainy Day Doll, Peppa Pig Tree House Play Center with Ball Pit and Peppa Pig: Peppa goes Swimming Scholastic reading book. Eli has told me this is his favorite package of them all because he has the Big Tree House Play Center with Ball Pit that he spends endless amounts of time in just playing. He has started taking his gaming system inside with him, adding blankets to the top so his brothers can’t see him and tries really hard to keep Sheriff out. Eli loves his ball pit and is where he spends most of his mornings after breakfast trying to hide from everyone. 


Peppa Pig is such a lovable piggy who lives with her Daddy, Mummy and little brother George. Peppa Pig episodes feature everyday activities for preschoolers to enjoy and can relate to. It also helps preschoolers emotional and social development  like expressing feelings and building self esteem. Visit Peppa Pig’s Website to find some of Peppa’s favorite games, printable coloring sheets, watch episodes and more. 

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