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One of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching and usually around this time I am scrabbling with the family on who is cooking, who is hosting and who is coming. This year since Greg will be going out of town on Easter Sunday for work we wanted to do something small but still have the same routine as usual.

There are so many things to think about when you are planning an Easter gathering and Easter egg hunt for the kids. I am a list kinda gal and I make many lists so that I can cross off each of my to do’s. First is always meal planning. Our family loves to enjoy both ham and turkey, dressing and gravy, broccoli and cheese casserole, macaroni and cheese pie, deviled eggs, sweet potato souffle, rolls, dessert. Since we are limited on the amount of family time this year I want to make sure our time is not spent in the kitchen. Usually Greg and I are the ones to host the family gatherings now because our house is much larger and the kids can get outside and play in the yard. One of the things I dread is having to go to the grocery store, fight those holiday crowds, get home, prep the meats and side dishes, make desserts, serve dinner, clean the kitchen then enjoy family time. I am so thankful we are going to try it a lot different this year. 


We are wanting to have Ham and Turkey, but do I really want to buy a frozen turkey, thaw, prep and bake? Or would I like to try a place that preps and cooks the meals for you all you do is bring home, heat and serve? That to me sounds like a no brainer. I do not have to worry about preparing the meals, or having kids under my feet hollering they are hungry or is it time to hunt Easter eggs.

Here are a few tips on how to make planning Easter less stressful and more enjoyable:

1. Get a head count of how many will be attending.

2. Plan out your menu.

3. Decorate with what you have. No need in buying extra decorations. 

4. Set the table beforehand. 

5. Make sure you have enough seating. Extra tables and chairs are great to have on hand.

6. Accept help from those who ask if you need it.

7. Place the foods out so that guests can go through an easy line.

8. Have someone oversee the drink station and makes sure everyone has a drink. This is a great task for older children. 

9. Have some fun activities and supplies for the kids like egg hunts, jelly bean guessing games, hide and seek, bubbles, sidewalk chalk drawings. They will most likely enjoy being outdoors. Ask an adult or older child to help see over these.  

10. Do not over do it. This is time to spend with your family and friends.

11. Make sure you save yourself enough time to get yourself and family dressed and ready before your guests arrive.

12. Don’t forget your camera.   


This year since we are trying something a little different, we will have our get together on that Saturday. Easter is coming early this year and is on April 5th. HoneyBaked offers a variety of premium products that are easy, delicious and simple to serve. Greg and I went to HoneyBaked and thought we would have to wait for our order to be fixed, but to our surprise when you walk in the door and place your order, our wait time was under 5 minutes total, including check out. We ordered Boneless Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast, Broccoli Casserole, Dressing and Gravy.

Broccoli dressing

 When we arrived home I put out a few Easter decorations that I had and began reading the instructions for our meal. I had everything ready, table set, food heated in under one hour. That is not one hour of slaving over the hot stove, mixing dishes, basting the meats. No, that is one hour I spent getting the kids ready for our dinner, the house straightened here and there, and even got a few pages in my book read. Since my kids are a little picky on eating they had their own suppers but Greg and I enjoyed the most delicious meal.

HBMeal HBMeal2

Who knew heating foods could taste so delicious. The ham has a sweet, crunchy glaze that has been smoked for more than twenty four hours. The serving sizes for the Hams are: Half Ham approx 7-10lbs and serves 12-20 people, Quarter or Mini Ham approx 3.5-5.5lbs and serves 6-8 and the Ham Slices are available by pound. The Smoked Turkey Breast is trimmed by hand with 100% breast meat, carefully seasoned, and fire-glazed to perfection with their one of a kind sweet, crunchy glaze. The Turkey Breasts are available in Smoked and Roasted flavors. Both are unbelievably moist even after day three of eating. The dressing and gravy is like my mom would have fixed and the broccoli casserole was a hit. There was no need to fix extras when we knew this meal would last us a few days. Oh by the way we love leftovers. For lunch I have been enjoying my smoked turkey breast in a whole grain wrap. I don’t need any condiments just the turkey warmed and rolled in my tortilla is, perfect.  


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Will you be hosting Easter this year? Do you have any holiday tips that help you get through? We’d love to hear them. 

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