Emerson Creek Pottery

 Emerson Creek Pottery had been creating homemade ceramics since founded in 1977 by Priscilla Palmart and Jim Leavitt . They are located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Each ceramic piece is formed out of clay made on site and is hand-made, hand painted and fired in a gas kiln. Each piece is a carefully planned and thought out drawing and no stencils or templates are used. 

Cracker Basket

 Simply Southern Couponers has had the opportunity to work with Emerson Creek Pottery. I was sent a list and picked out the 8″ Cracker Basket from the Field of Iris line. The Field of Iris is a signature flower of Emerson Creek Pottery and is one of their very first patterns. Even though this is a cracker basket, it can be used for many different things. I have been looking for things to start using to decorate my house with and after seeing this piece I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I used it as a “shell holder” on my dining room table. We went to the beach the end of May and Aubreigh picked a ton of seashells, but I haven’t had a way to display them yet. The 8″ Cracker Basket from the Field of Iris line has worked perfect. 

Emerson Creek Pottery

 The piece fit perfectly for what I wanted to use it for, and while I may still use it for crackers and such, but I love this as a decoration and this beautiful piece gets to sit out for everyone to enjoy, instead of being used every so often. 

Want to purchase your own cracker basket or see the many other pieces that Emerson Creek Pottery has to offer, then visit them here and check out the many different designs that they offer.

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 Giveaway Details:

Emerson Creek Pottery is offering one of our lucky viewers the chance to win their own cracker basket in their choice of design (a $19.50 value).

Giveaway will begin August 16th, 2013.



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