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Betsy Founder, SwimZip founder was diagnosed at the age of 26 with skin cancer. She enjoyed working in the corporate world but knew she wanted to help others so she dove headfirst in the UPF sun protection clothing.  As a skin care victim she knows the harsh reality of not getting enough sun protection and as a mom she did not want her children to suffer the same fate. SwimZip is more than a sun protective clothing company it is her passion. SwimZip clothing are made one-of-a-kind and are stylish, fashionable and affordable.

SwimZip Suit

Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review a product from Swim Zip. I know as a mom when the kids are at the pool or outside for a long period of time I always rub sun screen on them since I know children’s skin is very sensitive. While we were browsing over the site Eli picked out a swim suit so he could wear in the pool. He chose the Beach Bum Style suit that is stylish and does not even look like a suit. He was so excited he was getting a new swimsuit and could not wait for its arrival. Upon receiving our package he wanted to try it on right then and did not want to take it off. He wore it most of the day and I had to beg him to lets take it off so we could put it away until we were ready to go swimming and he wouldn’t mess it up.


Eli was very comfortable in his swim suit. As you can see in the photo above there is a no pinch zipper that goes all the way down the shirt making removal easy for him, it is tagless and best of all it is chlorine resistant so need to worry of fading when we are at the pool. I would recommend this to any parent for their children.

Here are some facts about SwimZip swimwear:

* UPF 50+ rash guard
* Full zipper front
* Flat seams
* Quality stretch lycra/nylon construction
* Zipper flap for safer zipping
* Chlorine resistant
* Comfy tagless neck

 SwimZips are UV 50+ which block 99% of UVA and UVB rays making more time for fun in the sun. They offer babies, toddler and children’s SPF clothing, sun protective clothing, swimwear, rash guards and more. Head over to their Website to view their complete product line.

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