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Simply Southern Couponers was given the wonderful opportunity to work with a company called EasySheet. EasySheet is an online company that has created a unique sheet set with a patented fitted top sheet that fits just like your bottom sheet on your mattress.  When I came across this website while searching for Greg and I some new sheets I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to try these sheets to see if they really work. 

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I received EasySheet Queen Sized Sheet Set in the color Wheat. EasySheet is made of 100% Sateen and is 500 Thread Count. I immediately put them in the washer and dryer and got them ready to go on my bed. I am the type of sleeper where I have to have the sheet and comforter on me all night and Greg is the exact opposite, he only wants the sheet. When we wake in the mornings his side of the sheets will be pulled from under the mattress making it more aggravating to make in the mornings. Did I mention I do not like making the beds, but with EasySheet I am done in no time and I love making the bed now. When I put our new EasySheet on I was super simple. No more worrying which way is the top or bottom or tucking the sheets under the bed hoping they would stay. EasySheet top and bottom sheet are made tailored at the bottom to stay all during the night, making the bed in the mornings a breeze. I just pull our sheets up with the comforter, fluff our pillows and I am done. I don’t have to walk to each side of the bed trying to see which side has more sheets or tucking the sheets under hoping they stay. We have the  pillow top mattress that makes buying sheets even more difficult because you have to find the deep pocket sheets that fit the height of the mattress and even when you find the size you need they are still a hassle to put on. Greg and I have been enjoying a restful night sleep while having EasySheet. EasySheet is super soft, light weight and very comfy. 

EasySheet Set Include:

  • A top quality fitted bottom sheet
  • The Patented Easy Sheet Fitted Top Sheet
  • Two Soft Pillow Cases

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EasySheet  has nine different colors to choose from: Wheat, Ecru, White, Rose, Blue and just recently added Taupe, Ivory, Sage and Illusion Blue. Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King, starting at just $49.99 up to $89.99 with Free Shipping.

I think Santa may bring Andrew and Ty each a set so they can learn how to start making their own beds without waking in the morning to find their sheets on the floor.

To see more about EasySheet visit their Website here

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**Giveaway Details**

EasySheet will be featured in our Holiday Gift Guide “All I Want For Christmas Giveaways“. We will be giving one lucky viewer a chance to win their own EasySheet Set in any color or size of their choosing. Giveaway is scheduled to start November 26th!

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