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Early Lingo was created by Caryn Antonini, who wanted to give her child the advantages of learning a foreign language as an infant that would be beneficial throughout life, but came up short during her search on the market. She then created Early Lingo that is packed full of learning different languages in a playful animation and live video that children can watch. Not only can your child watch videos but they can watch in the comfort of their own homes in a comfortable environment.
With Eli being home full time with me, it is my responsibility to make sure he is constantly learning new things on a daily basis. When I was given this wonderful opportunity I knew I could not pass it up. I chose Early Lingo’s 6 DVD Box Set in English Edition, since Eli is still learning new words I wanted to continue introducing new words to him before I introduced him to a foreign language. When I received my package I wanted to get started right away.

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Here are the DVD’s we received:

DVD 1 introduces colors and shapes in a fun park setting.
DVD 2 introduces Numbers and Counting on the farm.
DVD 3 introduces Opposites at the Beach.
DVD 4 introduces Alphabets at School.
DVD 5 introduces things at the Market.
DVD 6 introduces things in the City.

What I really liked about these DVD’s are that they each have colorful animation, speaks slowly and clearly and isn’t a face paced learning DVD. They repeat the words two to three times and use the words in sentences or gives an example to ensure the child catches on. Eli enjoyed more than others but he watched each one. He loved watching JoJo the Monkey, and LuLu the little yellow bird. These DVD’s are packed full of lots of learning information but also shows examples using drawing descriptions, real people, several different scenic views that are all attractions to help the him stay engaged into learning.We have not been using the DVD’s everyday as I want to make it fun for him to continue learning different things but we do watch these DVD’s at least three times a week or when he ask to watch JoJo and LuLu which has been a lot lately. I am very happy I had the chance to review this DVD box set and will continue to use them until Eli is ready to move on in learning more.Early Lingo Collection 

If you have a child you want to help with learning languages, new words, shapes, colors and the alphabet I highly recommend Early Lingo. They have so many DVD’s to choose from for any child. I am thankful as a parent that I am able to have learning resources to introduce my children to so they are constantly learning. This Early Lingo’s English Edition 6 Disc DVD Box Set can be purchased for just $99.99, or you can purchase individually of what you think you child may need.

Here is a video from Early Lingo’s Website to show some of what is included on the DVD’s.

To see Early Lingo’s full line of products visit their website here.

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