Summer is all about relaxation. Ever feel like you just want to get away? Relax without anyone bothering you? A mini vacation away sounds like a great idea, but if you can’t do that just imagine yourself relaxing the afternoon away in a hammock that is just built for one. You won’t have to share and you won’t have to make up an excuse as to why your little ones can’t get up into the hammock with you. Life of a Southern Mom found a website called Eagles Nest Outfitters. Greg enjoys relaxing in our hammock year round. 


Eagles Nest Outfitters came about in 1999 because two brothers, Peter and Paul Pinholster, wanted to escape the normal job and workplace to make relaxation and hanging out their permanent job. These two wanted something that would create a challenge to them but also be able to harbor all their creativity and pursuit of living a lifestyle that was laid back. Everything started in Florida and traveled up the east coast as they sold hammocks at music festivals and other community functions. The brothers wanted to provide the most comfortable hammocks in the world. They finally settled in Asheville, NC where they grew and nursed their business to what it is today. They are now thriving and continuing to provide the best hammocks and accessories that they know how to people all over the world.


So for those times that you want to relax and you just don’t feel like sharing there is the SingleNest Hammock from Eagles Nest Outfitters. This is the hammock that understands that you want some time alone. All that it takes is pulling the hammock out of it’s soft-ball-sized sack, clip it to the SlapStraps and enjoy. It’s as easy as that. This hammock is light so you can take it with you on a camping trip right inside a backpack if you wanted to have some relaxation on your family outing. Don’t let it’s small size fool you though, it is tough enough to withstand being set up in the backyard at all times. The SingleNest is the perfect get away item that can be used for any occasion that you just want some quiet and alone time to relax. We have a regular hammock in our yard but have been spending most of our time down on the creek as we call the “campsite”. This is the perfect size and can easily be stored and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Some hammocks can be pricey and not last long but with Eagles Nest Outfitters the price is very affordable and their products are made very durable for longer lasting enjoyment. Visit their website here to see more about Eagles Nest Outfitters and view their entire line of products. 

Setup Video: 

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