Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Dyson and reviewing one of their new Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless vacuum. I want you all to know that I am stoked about trying out this product. Being a mom of three messy kids, a house-wife who has all hardwood floors except in two areas of our home, when I say I am super excited I am like a kid on Christmas. We’ve always used Dyson for our floor cleaners and have owned the Dyson C14 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum for close to ten years. Yes, I said ten years and it is still going strong. Okay you must be asking yourselves why does she need a new vacuum then. There are so many things different between these two machines, but my main reason for wanting to try this new Dyson DC59 Motorhead is because it is light weight and most of all cordless. Who wouldn’t want a cordless vacuum. We have a fairly large home and the hardwood floors keep me busy especially when the kids are home. I was vacuuming our floors daily to every other day with the upright but now with the Motorhead Cordless I vacuum daily just because it is fun and exciting knowing I can clean the floors in less time that I can fold a load of laundry. Its great when I know we have company coming over I can bring out the Dyson DC59 and hit those places where we have a lot of traffic or in the dining room and kitchen and that’s it. Also, my four year little by loves to help mommy clean, whether it is vacuuming or mopping he wants to help. Who am I to argue right. This vacuum is so light, weighing at close to 5lbs., he can even push it around the house even on the carpet.

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About Dyson: Dyson was founded by James Dyson in 1993. Today Dyson employs nearly 50,000 people with a thrid of them being scientist and engineers. Dyson features a wide array of products including vacuum cleaners; upright, canisters, cordless and handheld, bladeless fans and heaters, hand dryers and taps and the Dyson digital monitor.

Everyone wants a clean floor, right? When I received the Dyson DC59 Motorhead, I had already heard great things, but what I had heard was nothing compared to what I experienced for myself. This vacuum is acclaimed to out-clean the top five best-selling full-size vacuums across carpeted and hard floor surfaces. I believe it! I especially loved that I did not have to fidget with a cord with little ones in the house.


The DC59 Motorhead is a cordless vacuum cleaner and is powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. This allows it to suck up even ground in dirt that has built up over time. There is also a mini motorized tool that will allow you to take on even the toughest of tasks. It will remove any hair and dirt that may be hiding in your upholstery or in those pesky corners that you can’t get to with other vacuum cleaners. I also loved that it had it’s own docking station which stores the machine for charging and that there were spaces to hold two additional attachments. Vacuums can be so bulky and finding storage space for them gets to be tiresome after a while.DysonCollege

Everyone knows having kids, they can be messy. With Dyson DC59 Motorhead they have literally cut down on my clean up time. Having all hardwood floors in our house except in our boys room and basement living area using a regular vacuum takes time and can really take a toll on my back when carrying our Dyson Animal up and down the stairs to vacuum. I can easily carry the Dyson DC59 up and down our stairs and it not bother my back. The Dyson DC59 works excellent on stairs because the wand is removable and you can attach it directly to the body for close up cleaning. It is so easy and convenient to just go to my utility room, grab my vacuum and vacuum the entire top floor; carpet and hardwood floors before the charge runs out. Another thing I love about the new Dyson is when the kids have accidental spills or crumbs left behind I can easily go to the mess and vacuum, rather than pulling out my older vacuum, plugging it up and then vacuuming. It saves a lot of time.


Some other features: 

Cordless Technology

Ergonomic Grip

Lightweight for multiple use (stairs, ceiling fans, cobwebs, couches, under the beds, cars)

Comes with Tools:

Motorhead Cleanerhead Tool: The biggest turbine tool. Attaches to the want for hardwood floor cleaning, or detach the wand and attach to body for a better, up close cleaning.

Combination Tool: The debris nozzle converts to a brush for soft dusting. Attach to the want to dust higher spaces. (Perfect for larger spills as well)

Mini Motorized Tool: Extra Boost of power in the hard to reach places with this tool for tough messes. Works great for pet hair, high chairs, under the couch or tables.

Crevice Tool: Angled Tip that allows you to get into those narrow gaps or awkward corners. Perfect to use in between couch cushions, kitchen units, car seats.

Another awesome feature is that after charging at the docking station you get 24 minutes of cleaning time! That’s pretty impressive. Use it on your stairs where you traditionally couldn’t get to before with the motorized head of the DC59. Also with the low profile head the machine will stay flat on the floor when it is fully reclined so you can get into those low places underneath furniture. You can even balance the DC59 so that you can clean from floor to ceiling! Pretty impressive. I do not have to take up my hall closet space with a vacuum when I can just hang it on the docking station. Charging time is usually close to 3 hours for a complete charge. A lot of you are probably wondering how to clean the vacuum out itself. This particular model has a one-touch bin empty which means that you just press a button to release the dirt. This button is accessible from either side of the machine and is more hygienic than ever before.

See the Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless vacuum in action now. 

If you are in need of a new vacuum I highly recommend the new Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless vacuum to be your next big purchase. There are so many awesome features that we mentioned above that makes this a one of a kind machine. Cut down on your cleaning time and spend more time with family instead of vacuuming with those heavy, bulky cleaners. Visit Dyson’s website here and check out their wide array of products now. 

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