*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nature’s Harvest®, all opinions are my own.*

The boys are back in session and that means fixing lunches on the days they don’t want to eat at school. I always make sure they have a healthy lunch with a sandwich, fruit, and a snack for later. I came across this new bread that I had to try. Nature’s Harvest® breads are available at Walmart and my local store had three flavors including Honey Wheat, Whole Grain White and Whole Wheat.


Here are some fun facts about Nature’s Harvest® bread:

  • No artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup
  • ALL Nature’s Harvest® varieties carry the whole grain stamp.
  • Families can count on at least 8 grams of whole grains in every serving.
  • Whether Made with Whole Grain White, Honey Wheat or any other variety, moms can be sure it’s made with whole grains because it says Nature’s Harvest®.

I did even more research on this bread because it’s not your ordinary wheat bread. It’s better! Moms everywhere are adding them to their diet because in a recent survey of moms with children ages 4-13, learned nearly half of moms are concerned about their children’s nutrition and that 52 percent considered whole grains one of the most important nutritional considerations when purchasing food at the grocery store. Also, 56% of American consumers are already trying to add whole grains into their diet. *Source: NPG Group’s 29th Annual Report n Eating Patterns in America 2014.*naturesharvest

It’s little facts like these that play a big role in everyday eating and I want to make sure my kids are eating healthy and the best. For lunch this week I decided to make the boys some fun shaped sandwiches. I created dump trucks, Mickey Mouse hand, pig and circles. It’s the littlest things like making the boys fun shaped sandwiches to remind them that while they are eating healthy breads by Nature’s Harvest® and eating healthy is fun and not bad at all. I made them with peanut butter and jelly because well that is their favorite sandwich and I knew they would love them. dumpnh

Now you can head over to your local Walmart and shop for Nature’s Harvest® breads in the flavors you want to try. Be sure to check out the Honey Wheat on Roll back for just $1.97. The bread is super fresh and doesn’t taste like other breads. For a limited time pick up a loaf of Nature’s Harvest on rollback at your local Walmart store.

Do you have a favorite sandwich that you enjoy? We would love to hear about it.

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