Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Messy Marvin to review their Mobile Marvin and Starvin’ Marvin products. Messy Marvin was founded by an interior designer who was shocked and disappointed by the plastic and flimsy options to contain the inevitable messes created by children and pets. At Messy Marvin, they believe that style can be functional as well as beautiful and thus their product line was born.

Messy Marvin logo

One of the great things about all of the Messy Marvin products is that they can be wiped clean and rinsed off. Most products which claim the same features are made of cheap feeling vinyl or plastic. It is rare to find an actual fabric with an actual design that can function as well as or better than the flimsy counterparts. The fabric is made of polyester but looks and feels more like a linen fabric. The polyester is lead free with a water resistant and stain repellant coating. Each item also has a layer of PVC backing to ensure none of those messes permeates the fabric to stain whatever you are protecting underneath! It is so easy to clean!

First, let’s take a look at the Mobile Marvin. This is a portable changing pad that has some innovative components.

Messy Marvin Mobile

Every diaper bag I’ve seen comes with a “changing mat” as part of the bag. Usually it is a rectangular piece of fabric with a minimal amount of padding. The Mobile Marvin is in a completely different league from these complimentary mats. For one thing, the material is so sturdy and durable, it is perfect for toting around. For another, it has a built in pillow, side flaps, and even extended foot flaps.

Messy Marvin Mobile pillow

I found the side flaps to be particularly useful for diaper changes on the floor in places where you don’t want to set your items down. The side flaps can be used to place your clean/dirty diapers, clothing, wipes, diaper creams, or anything else you need for a diaper change but don’t want on the ground.

Messy Marvin Mobile Changing

These side and foot flaps also serve another purpose which makes the Mobile Marvin even more useful. They can be used to make a high chair cover or grocery cart cover!

Messy Marvin Mobile high chair

In addition, the back of the changing pad has a thin pocket which can be used to store a few flatter items, like wipes and a diaper or two. Just don’t forget to remove them for the diaper change or your baby will be laying on top of them!

Messy Marvin Mobile pocket

Aside from all of these really cool features, the Mobile Marvin also looks great. One side is a grey and white chevron pattern with a solid color pillow while the other side comes in your choice of pink, blue, or green. To get your own Mobile Marvin, visit Messy Marvin here.

The Starvin’ Marvin is another fantastic product. You might look at it and think, “What’s so great about it? It just looks like a bib.” You would be correct that it is indeed a bib, but it is not just a bib. Again, it is made of the same polyester with the water and stain resistant coating. It has a layer of this special “Wipe it Up” fabric on each side, making it reversible. Once the mess is made, you can clean it up so easily. For small messes, just wipe it with a damp cloth. For moderate messes, rinse it in the sink. For major messes or staining foods, wash it in the sink with dish soap! It can be put in the washing machine if you insist, but don’t dry it in the dryer as this could damage the fabric coating.

When I first put the bib on my little girl, I noticed that it is much larger than her typical bibs.

Messy Marvin Starvin

It is very generously sized to prevent even the biggest messes. The only disadvantage was that the material is so large, stiff, and durable, that she got one arm partially behind it and thought it was stuck there. We helped her get her arm out and then let her chow down. Let me tell you, this girl loves to eat and enjoys every minute of it.

Messy Marvin Starvin dinner

After the fun was over, I decided to try the three levels of cleaning on this Starvin’ Marvin. I began by wiping the left side of the bib with a wet paper towel to see how well it would work. As you can see, it removed all of the food product, but carrots leave a beautiful orange residue on everything they touch.

Messy Marvin Starvin wipe

Next, I rinsed it in the sink. You can see how the coating causes the water to bead up on the surface, rather than penetrating right away.

Messy Marvin Starvin water

After the rinse, it is evident that the bib is really quite clean, except for some orange coloration.

Messy Marvin Starvin rinse

Time for cleaning level three: dish soap. After this step, the bib is perfectly clean (although damp) and took less time performing all three cleaning steps (not necessary every time) than it would to fill up the washing machine with water.

Messy Marvin Starvin wash

This is really a great bib and because it is so quick to clean and dry, it’s the only one you’ll need. Well, maybe you should get two… just in case. To get your Starvin’ Marvin, visit Messy Marvin here.

In all, I was very impressed with how sturdy and solid the Messy Marvin products feel. I’d compare it to the heft of a heavy canvas or burlap, but I don’t want you to think it is coarse or unpleasant to the touch. You really should check these out, they are pretty impressive products!

To get your mess on, visit Messy Marvin today!

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