I bet you didn’t know you probably had everything you needed to make your own flavored lip gloss?? I love keeping my lips moist and it starts getting expensive to apply chap stick or lip gloss to them every few hours, plus they really don’t have that great of a taste to them. Follow these simple steps to create your own tub of flavored lip gloss!!

• Vaseline or Coconut Oil

• Container to hold your lip gloss

• Packet of Kool-Aid mix in a flavor your like. 

Step 1: Fill the container 75% full with Vaseline or Coconut Oil.

Step 2: Add Kool-Aid Mix to desired color (the more you add the darker it gets, also the more you add the stronger the flavor is)

Step 3: Mix up well.

Step 4: Use now or wait about an hour and then enjoy 🙂


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