Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to work with a company called Kidfresh. Kidfresh founder Matt Cohen wanted to create all natural,  kid-friendly foods. With the help of a chef and pediatric nutritionist they were able to do just that. They have created frozen Kidfresh meals that are rich in veggies with no artificial ingredients. Yummy and nutritious and parent approved. Having two little boys who are picky eaters cooking for them can be quite a challenge. When I received this opportunity I knew I should give them a try since the boys love Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Nuggets and  I knew I couldn’t go wrong.  As a parent of picky eaters to be able to find  products with  hidden ingredients of vegetables is a plus.


We received one box of Super Duper Chicken Nuggets, Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese, Muy Cheesy Quesadilla, Spaghetti Loop + Meat Sauce. What makes these dinners extra special is they all have hidden vegetables kids have no idea they are even in there. The Super Duper Chicken Nuggets contain 11 grams of whole grain breading and white meat chicken. Plus it’s blended with cauliflower and onions. Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese contains cheddar and mozzarella cheeses with mashed up carrots and blended into the cheese sauce. Muy Cheesy Quesadilla contains creamy cheddar cheese and Monterrey cheese with blended carrots. Lastly, the Spaghetti Loop+ Meat Sauce contains all-natural beef with classic tomato sauce and only a half of cup of blended veggies. Andrew had the Super Dupper  Chicken nuggets and Wagon Wheels mac + cheese for dinner while Eli had Wagon Wheels mac + cheese and a helping of Spaghetti Loops + Meat Sauce and Ty had first his Spaghetti Loops + Meat Sauce and went back and ate the Muy Cheesey Quesadilla and still wanted more. They each enjoyed their meals and I will definitely be purchasing more from our local Kroger store.


Also inside our package was the new Disney movie Frozen on Blu- Ray combo pack. I have heard lots of good things about the movie Frozen from parents and kids who went to see it while in theaters. 


Frozen is a magical fairy tale about the power of true love and overcoming obstacles along the way. Princesses Anna and Elsa are sisters and best friends until one day Elsa discovers that she can no longer control her power to create ice and snow. Terrified for the safety of  her sister and everyone around her, Elsa isolates herself and vows to never feel any sort of passionate emotion again in the hopes of decreasing her powers. But when Elsa comes of age and is set to be crowned queen, she must open the gates of the palace and let in the public, not to mention her sister Anna. Things go horribly wrong and Anna pursues her sister into the mountains in an attempt to save Elsa and reverse the deep freeze that Elsa has inadvertently released on the kingdom of Arendelle. Along the way, Anna joins forces with Kristoff, an ice seller with a strangely close relationship with his reindeer Sven, and Olaf, a goofy snowman whom she suddenly remembers from early childhood. In the end, Anna and Elsa discover that only by embracing their deepest feelings do they have a chance of saving themselves and the kingdom.

 The boys and I gathered in the living room one evening after their Kidfresh supper to watch our new movie Frozen. The boys were super excited during supper that they couldn’t wait to finally get to watch it. I can’t believe they all three sat still to watch the entire movie. I must say there are some movies out that just do not look to entertaining that are family movies but Frozen has a whole new approach to family movies. This is a great movie with a great story line, animations and humor to keep you watching until the very end. 

Get Frozen Blu-Ray Combo Pack and buy 2 Kidfresh meals to save $5 by Mail-in-Rebate. It will be released nationwide beginning March 18th at all major retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Kmart. So if you have not seen it in theaters be sure to grab your copy because the whole family will enjoy. 

They are sold in over 7,000 stores nationwide including top stores including Kroger, Harris Teeter, Giant, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, HEB, Pathmark, A&P and many more. 

Visit Kidfresh’s website here to check out their entire line of products and print out Disney Frozen Activity Sheets and get your Disney+Kidfresh Rebate Form

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Disney’s Frozen release date March 18th

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