Are you looking for an easy, delicious spaghetti recipe that is sure to have your family coming back for seconds? Spaghetti is a huge hit in our home, even with our oldest who is a picky eater. I’ve made spaghetti for my family many different ways but we always seem to enjoy my lasagna sauce with our spaghetti. We’ve tried the jar sauce because sometimes that is just a lot easier to pour in a pan rather than waiting those few minutes to let your own ingredients simmer, but there is nothing compared to using your own ingredients to bring a tasty pan of spaghetti sauce together. 


 Ingredients for Sauce:

1-lb of ground beef

1/2 med onion, diced

1/2 bell pepper, diced

1- 28 oz. tomato sauce (Tuttorosso)

1- 16 oz. diced tomato (Tuttorosso) or stewed tomatoes

3oz- tomato paste

Garlic Powder- pinch

1 -tbsp. Oregano

2- tbsp. Italian Seasoning

1 tsp- salt

1 tsp- pepper

1 1/2 tsp- Garlic Salt

1- Garlic clove, minced, 

White Vinegar- dash

Parsley to taste


Brown hamburger meat with onions and bell peppers.

Add minced garlic about 30 seconds before meat is done.

Drain well.

Pour tomato sauce, paste and diced tomatoes into pan.

Combine hamburger meat and tomato sauce in pan, stir well.

Add all seasonings and let simmer between 20-40 minutes or until thickened.

Boil Spaghetti Noodles, directions on box



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