Life of a Southern Mom had the chance to work with Dei Fratelli and review one of their products. Hirzel Canning Company was founded in 1923 by the late Carl R. Hirzel, a Brewmaster by trade, located in Toledo, Ohio. The Hirzel family began growing and canning vegetables, and his first product was sauerkraut, sold only in wooden kegs and barrels. Hirzel Canning Company is a 4th generation business that is family owned and oriented so that they could ensure that the products that were coming to you were of the best quality. They are in the process from the seedlings all the way until the product is produced to go to your family’s table. I received Dei Fratelli’s A Little Bit of Tomato Love Gift Box. I was surprised at all the products you get in this one gift basket.


It includes:

1 – 28oz. Seasoned Diced

1 – 28oz. Whole

1 – 24oz. Marinara Sauce

1 – 16oz. Black Bean n’ Corn Salsa-Medium

1 – 15oz. Pizza Sauce

1 – 15oz. Tomato Sauce

1 – 14.5oz. Petite Diced

1 – 10.75oz. Tomato Soup-Gluten Free

The Seasoned Dice Tomatoes are a blend of perfection that includes onion, celery, peppers and garlic. This is a product that is definitely ready to use in a recipe or enjoy straight out of the can if you so choose. The Whole Tomatoes come perfectly firm and fresh in the can ready for you to use. The Petite Diced Tomatoes have all the freshness that you desire along with onion, celery and peppers.

If you have a need for Marinara Sauce, this one has a taste that is robust as they come. It has both crushed and diced tomatoes that come together with onions, garlic and Italian seasonings. It is the perfect addition to any Italian dish that you could be whipping up in your kitchen. Some of your favorite recipes call for Tomato Sauce, but you may find that some of them that you have used in the past have fallen flat on flavor. The Tomato Sauce that you will get in this box doesn’t ever contain water and it comes directly from tomato paste.

Who doesn’t love a good homemade pizza every once in a while, too? You will love the Pizza Sauce this is super thick and flavorful.

Don’t stop at pizza though! What’s the best thing for a chilly night along with a grilled cheese sandwich? Tomato Soup, of course. You’re also covered there with a soup that has a great true tomato taste and a flavor that will have you wanting more. And just when you thought that this company and basket could not get any more diverse, they throw in the Black Bean n’ Corn Salsa in Medium. This salsa has the perfect mix of black beans and roasted corn along with tomatoes and peppers to give it just enough kick without the overkill so that everyone can enjoy it.


My family loves pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, chili and beans and manicotti that all includes some type of tomato product. Our favorite meal that I prepared with two of the Dei Fratelli products was Spaghetti. I used Dei Fratelli Crushed Tomatoes and Italian Sauce. My boys went back for seconds. We all enjoyed our dinner with Dei Fratelli.  A Little Bit of Tomato Love Gift Box is perfect for those that love to cook. If you have someone on your Christmas list who loves to cook and not sure what to get them they’ll surely use everything that is in this gift basket. This gift basket can be purchased for just $27.99. Check out all of Dei Fratelli products on their Website here.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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