It is my favorite time of the year when I get to bring out all of my Christmas decorations to deck the halls in our home. I am always wanting to add to my decorations every year because they have so many new things that come out. Over the past few years, I have really loved shopping at my local Kmart for all of my Christmas needs. This year Sandra Lee and Jaclyn Smith have created beautiful Christmas decor to help decorate your entire home.


Kmart and Sears launched the Best Dressed Home Sweepstakes on November 17th. They’re on a mission to find out how people across the US decorate for the holidays. I was given a gift card to use at either Kmart or Sears to decorate my home this year. Well as I mentioned above I love shopping at Kmart during the holidays. Every year I have been able to add to my tree, buy new ornaments, add on to my little village as well as buy more garland and lighted garland for the home. I remember growing up my mom would always decorate her tree in red and green colors, sometimes adding a hint of gold in there. Well, I have carried on that Christmas decor tradition with my family and I love the red balls, the bright and dark green balls. This year I added a touch of silver to help my tree pop. I have a 9 ft. Christmas Tree this year so I needed a few more decorations to fill up the tree.


When I went to Kmart I went straight to the Christmas section. There were aisle and aisles of decorations, Christmas trees, wreaths, outdoor inflatables and so much more. I nearly spent two hours just browsing through each row. I always walk the aisles before I start to add items to my buggy so that I can see what they have and get ideas on what I would like to use. I chose to pick out new balls for my tree this year so I went with Jaclyn Smiths new red, and green balls. They weren’t just the plain balls this was a vibrant red, that was solid on some and almost clear being able to see straight through it. The same with the green. I have really come to love the new bright green they came out with. I thought this would make my tree stand out perfectly and add a touch of silver in there.  Well, I didn’t add any silver balls because my main colors are red and green so I found these cute silver glitter snowflake ornaments and also picked up the red with glitter snowflake ornaments. I also added to my village more people and a new bakery shop.


I have never decorated my fireplace and hearth just because I never found what I want to use. So I picked up a box of the regular garland and a few bows that matched my tree skirt and also picked up 4 boxes of pre-lit garland to use on my staircase. Before I got ready to check out I found two things that really caught my eye. Mason jars have become a favorite of mine and Kmart had these Mason jars with holly and a place to put a candle or tea light inside. I was thinking a little further ahead and thought to myself that I can use this year round. The holly decor can be removed from the inside and replaced with something else to go with a theme or holiday. The last thing I wanted to get was the boys a countdown calendar that they could use to help them remember how many days we have left until Christmas. They had a snowman, Santa, and Elf to choose from and I thought well my Christmas tree has several Snowmen ornaments, how about we get Santa. When I was ready to check out I thought well I have spent over my limit only to come to find out I still had money left on my gift card to spend. I went back and got the boys each an ornament to add to the tree. These were cute and they said First Child, Middle Child, and Youngest Child. I knew the boys were going to love to hang these.


Kmart and Sears recently conducted a survey and found that one in four Americans begins decorating one month before the holidays. I would say that is right. I always wait until after Thanksgiving to being decorating because I just love taking one holiday at a time.

41 percent of Americans defined their signature design as “classic”, “colorful”  and  “vintage”. I would have to say my style is between classic and colorful. I love the white lights and love the colored decorations on my tree. I’m sure over the years I will have lots of vintage in my home.

More than half (58%) of participants felt the essential decorations for the holidays was the Christmas Tree.

Did you know only 25% of  Americans chose to decorate as their favorite holiday activity while listening to Christmas music and shopping as others favorite? I would have to sneak in baking the goodies for Santa and the kids to be one of my favorites as well.

To celebrate Kmart and Sears are launching the Best Dressed Home Sweepstakes to capture how you and others across the US are decorating. Between now and 12/26, head over and answer the poll questions and upload a photo of your home decked out for the holidays for your chance to win Shop Your Way Points.

Enter daily for your chance to instantly win $50 in Shop Your Way points. (60 Winners) Also (1) Grand Prize winner will win 1 MILLION Shop Your Way Points.

Decorating for the holidays is a tradition like none other – from decking the halls to trimming the tree. Every family has its own unique way of getting their home ready for the holidays. Decorating every year with the boys is a tradition I started when they were able to start walking. I always would let them help me hang the ornaments. I learned that it’s okay for a few balls to get broken but didn’t want them to getting hurt, so I went out, bought them some that were shatterproof and other little ornaments like sports, boy themed that they could enjoy hanging while I was busy hanging the breakables. I started decorating on a Monday after I got back from shopping and didn’t stop until well after 8 that night. Every day since then I have been tweaking the tree, putting more decorations out just because I like to take my time instead of trying to get everything done in one day. If you are a parent have a little ones who love to help then you know it takes extra time but that is okay because it’s the memories that you get to share with them that will last forever, not the time it took to make your home perfect for the holidays.

Do you love decorating and find yourself making sure everything is in its right place or do you just keep it simple?

The holidays are right around the corner, and no other retailers are better prepared to help you deck the halls than Kmart.

Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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