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I love drinking water all day, everyday. Sometimes drinking just plain water can get boring. I am sure most of you have all heard and drank DASANI water before. DASANI recently released a new product line of DASANI DROPS (Infusions) and a new DASANI Sparkling Flavor, Black Cherry.

The DASANI DROPS Infusions are a great way to enhance your water anytime, anywhere. You simply add a drop or two and it will leave you feeling refreshed. No need to worry about how many calories because it has zero calories, it’s naturally flavored, no artificial colors and best of all it’s unsweetened. It comes in two-inspired flavors, Lime and Strawberry Basil. Its the perfect complement to DASANI water. One 1.9 fl. oz. bottles measures up to 32 servings.


The DASANI Sparkling Black Cherry is the newest flavor to be added to the delicious line which also features Lime, Lemon and Berry. It comes packaged 12 in a pack of 12 fl. oz. cans all over the nation. It is lightly carbonated and has no artificial flavors, unsweetened, and has zero calories. This is another great way to stay hydrated and feeling refreshed all throughout the day.

You know being a mom and carrying a purse is when you reach your hand down in there, you never know what your going to find. How about these DASANI DROPS Infusions are the perfect size to fit inside your purse, backpack, gym bag or briefcase. Moms and Dads do you share DASANI Sparkling or DASANI DROPS Infusion with your children? I make my kids drink a good bit of water daily so I know they stay hydrated and now I love being able to add a little flavor so they can enjoy even more.

If you would like to try these new DASANI products be sure to visit your local Target Store, using the Target Cartwheel app and for a limited time, coupons are available for both the DASANI Sparkling Black Cherry and DASANI DROPS Infused using the app.

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