Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with I See Me! on a review of one of their personalized children’s board books. This is probably the most adorable set of personalized books you will ever find. Each page spread not only includes your child’s name in the text of the story, but also includes a graphic of his or her name and an image of your child’s face.

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In young children, seeing their names printed multiple times in different fonts and colors can help with beginning to recognize the name in text. For an older child, reading a book in which s/he is the main character can be very motivating. The more children interact with text and literature in fun and engaging ways, the more likely they will be to have a positive attitude toward reading as they grow up.

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Turning the page is an acquired skill! Providing many opportunities increases skill and success.

While I See Me! has many books from which you can choose, we received the personalized Farm Friends book. This is an excellent book for even the youngest child. It has cute and whimsical drawings of farm animals, it has a predictable rhyming pattern to help young readers develop an understanding of the rhythms and variations in speech and language, and it incorporates numbers and counting as well as the sounds that different animals make. Not to mention, it also has a picture of your child, a graphic of your child’s name, and your child’s name in text on every two page spread!

I see me book page

One of the greatest parts of the I See Me books is the photo of your child on every page. When you read a book with a young child, we often ask, “Do you see the duck? Point to the duck!” While you are asking your child to identify animals, shapes, colors, and numbers, it is also fun to have them identify themselves!

I recently visited some family and we decided to take our Farm Friends book with us to read at bed time. Every one who saw the book just had ro read the book and exclaim about what a cute idea it was to have a personalized book. They commented that these types of books would make perfect birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. If you ordered one every year, a child would have a great collection of stories as well as a visual of how he or she had grown over the years. I thought it was such a great idea!

The for this particular book, the ordering process was actually quite simple. All you need to do is select a high quality image clearly showing your child’s face. You will also need to send the correct spelling of your child’s first and middle name as well as his or her birthdate. The first name is used throughout the book while the middle name and birth date are used to personalize the dedication page. Some books have other requirements such as the names of family members. The requirements for each book can be found in the “Ordering Instructions” under the description of the book or when you select “order” on that book’s page.

In addition to their personalized books, I See Me! Also offers a variety of other personalized products for children. These include lunchboxes, puzzles, coloring books, placemats, growth charts, and stickers! I think my favorite of all of these are the lunchboxes!


With a personalized lunchbox, there is no chance of getting mixed up with another child’s lunch and if it gets misplaced, it is easy for someone to find the owner! This is certainly something we will be planning to purchase when our little girl gets ready to go to school. In the mean time, we received a set of personalized stickers. These are great for placing inside the cover of books, on notebooks, lunchboxes (if you don’t have a personalized one yet!), or on papers (for children still learning to write their names). There are many different sticker themes and it’s even an option to get stickers with your child’s photo on them. We got the My Farm Friends Personalized Stickers to compliment our book. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but every single one has your child’s name on it. If you have a sticker lover, these are a must have!

I see me stickers

To find the perfect personalized gift for a child you love, visit I See Me! here.

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