Crayon Rocks Primary Colors {{Review}}


Crayon Rocks Primary Colors {{Review}}

 Crayon Rocks was founded by Barbara Lee, a special needs teacher, who learned how important it was to develop a good tripod grip, which handwriting skills depend on. Crayon Rocks make a wonderful tool to develop fine motor skills, since a crayon is usually a child’s first writing tool. Crayon Rocks are made out of all natural soy wax and colored with mineral pigments. They are 100% natural and are non-toxic and odorless. The colors are vibrant and can be layered to create textured art work. Crayon Rocks are simply the best coloring tool for young children. 


Simply Southern Couponers received the 8 Primary Colors in a Blue Velvet Bag. It came with the colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown and Black. Aubreigh is 4 and loves coloring so I knew these would be perfect for her. She is at the stage of wanting to write things, and I worry about both of my girls with their motor skills, and these crayons make them hold the crayon the right way so later on in life they both wont have problems with writing.  Since they are made out of soy they create a very vibrant picture and the color just glides on. The girls have been coloring with them all day and they look like they have barely been used. That’s a great thing about soy is that it lasts a lot longer. 

Crayon Rocks

Aubreigh loved using these crayons and they were easy for her. She is left-handed and most things are not made for her to use easily. I recommend these to anyone with small kids, big kids, or even teachers.


Crayon Rocks also offers the 8 crayon pack in a pastel color as well as 64 crayon packs and gift crayons. To see what all they have available visit them here.

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