Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Covillow to review their breastfeeding cover. This cover is designed by a mom who found carrying a nursing pillow and cover around along with all of the other baby gear to be excessive. Her idea was to combine the features of a pillow and a cover to provide both comfort and privacy to modest moms while helping to decrease the number of items needed to be carried.

One of the first things I noticed about the Covillow is the vast amount of fabric available to provide 360 degrees of coverage while nursing. The Covillow is different from other covers in that it is not just an oversized bib covering a portion of your front. It is more like a poncho, in that it covers your front, back, and sides. I’m sure you have noticed that if you raise your shirt in the front to feed your baby, a portion of your side or even your back tends to get exposed as well. This cover completely obscures any possible hint of skin. In fact, the sizing is so generous, sometimes it may not be evident that a baby is underneath it!

Covillow cover

Like most nursing covers, the Covillow has a stiff edge at the neck so you can look down and discretely view your baby. The difference in the Covillow is that this edge continues around the back as well.

Covillow Neck

This makes it possible to completely turn the Covillow around backwards and still nurse. Why would you want to do such a thing? Perhaps you want to use the pillow yourself as lumbar support in the back. Alternately, I found it was long enough that I could wear the Covillow, nurse in the front and actually sit on the pillow in the back. It would be great if you were somewhere completely uncomfortable for typical nursing. If you are tall or have an exceptionally long torso, this may not work for you.

Covillow pillow

The most unique part of the Covillow is the attached pillow. It is small: about the width of an airline pillow but a little bit longer. However, if you think about who is going to be using it (a baby), you will realize it doesn’t need to be a king size pillow to provide comfort and positioning support. Because it is attached to the nursing cover, it won’t be easily lost and is easily rolled up with the cover for easy transport.

Covillow positioning

Using the Covillow to position baby for nursing

Thinking about the future, I find myself wondering what on earth I am going to do with all of my nursing products when (*sniff sniff*) my baby eventually weans. There is a lot of gear that I have accumulated so far on my breastfeeding journey and while I will of course save some for possible future needs and donate others, I love when I am able to upcycle a product. I think the Covillow has so many uses besides just a nursing cover that it is well worth the investment!

  • Take it on the airplane! Not only does it roll up in a nice compact package for travel, it also provides a sanitary pillow and blanket. Plus, the passenger next to you won’t steal it and act like he doesn’t know where your pillow went.

  • Use it for an impromptu nap for your little one. When laid out, it can make a nice nap mat with a built in pillow. The back can also be folded over to make a light blanket

  • Take it camping. This is a nice small pillow that is the perfect size for camping. The extra fabric can be tucked under your ground roll or under your body to keep your pillow from wandering off while you sleep.

I was hardpressed to find any disadvantages to this product. Yes, it is a bit bulkier than a standard breastfeeding cover, but if you were also going to bring a nursing pillow, this is clearly more compact than that. I initially thought the voluminous fabric was going to be a disadvantage because it would be so warm compared to a smaller cover. I actually found the opposite was true. When you have a limited amount of fabric, it has to be pulled tighter over your baby to create maximum coverage. This proximity, creates a lot of heat. With so much fabric, it was actually more breezy and cool because it didn’t need to be pulled so close to the body. There was much more airflow with this more generously sized cover. We were actually using it on a day that was over 100° and did not find it uncomfortable in the heat.

Covillow outside

Very discrete and cool

In the end, I determined this was a pretty great product. My baby wasn’t able to kick it off and expose me in public, I wasn’t too hot, and my baby seemed quite comfortable using it. If you’d like to get a Covillow of your own, visit their website here.

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