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I was recently asked what is something I wanted to do for myself now that my boys are in school. There are a ton of things I would love to do, but the most important are to continue pursuing my education. I have been checking out a lot of online colleges because it would be easier to do my studies from home and either once my boys are in the bed or while they are working on their homework. A few that I have browsed stood out to me, but the one that stood out the most is Concordia University Wisconsin’s online programs.

Concordia University Wisconsin online programs have been specifically designed for people similar to me; moms juggling family and their careers, and people with busy personal lives. At Concordia University Wisconsin, they believe you should not have to sacrifice being a mother, sister, friend, wife, class mom, etc to further your education. They make it easier for you to become what you have always wanted to be in your life all while keeping your life in balance and not sacrificing the things you love.

I was very surprised with all of the programs that Concordia University Wisconsin has to offer. Just a few of them are Nursing, Criminal Justice, and Business. All of which you can receive a full degree ranging from bachelors to doctorate. At Concordia University Wisconsin they also offer free MOOC’s or email courses as well as a low price Academies at which you can earn digital badges.

One thing that has usually stopped me from furthering my education based on online colleges is the support. I do not like not having access to the advisors or professors and it all just did not seem to work. At Concordia University Wisconsin they have a world-class support that works with you and helps you through every single step on your educational journey. Also, since they are people like you and me they realize life happens and have an amazing team of Student Support Advisers that help you as you proceed.

Who knew that continuing my education could be so easy? I am looking very closely at joining their Business program and working towards getting my Masters Degree in Marketing. All from the comfort of my dining room table and a team of people who support me. Are you interested in joining me and furthering your education? Head over here and request free information or visit their website for more information and all of the programs that are offer or sign up for Concordia University Wisconsin online now to begin your online education. 

If you could go back to school, what would you study?

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