Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Architec Housewares to review their Concave Cutting Board. Architec Housewares launched in 2000. Since then Architec housewares has been offering high quality products perfect for any kitchen. Their products are cool, colorful and innovative.


The Concave Cutting Board from Architec Housewares is not your ordinary cutting board. The Concave Cutting Board is perfect to cut your perfectly cooked meat on. This cutting board has unique features to keep your meat juicy and succulent. It features a concave center to keep the juice in place and gripper technology to hold the board still. The Center reservoir holds up to 1/4 cup of liquid to help the meats juicy.* ‘A Pro Gripper version features the concave design adapted to the signature Gripper Cutting Board, features in BPA Free polypropylene, just like the original Gripper Collection.”*


The Concave Cutting Board is great! Unlike traditional cutting boards, the Concave Cutting Board keeps the juices where they should be, with the meat. With my traditional cutting board the juices would run and get collected around the edges of the cutting board. It was such a mess and a waste. We would end up pouring the juices by on the meat. Now that is a thing in the past thanks to the Concave Cutting Board! The concave surface is 13 x 18 carving board is perfect for large roasts to even the smallest piece of meat. I also love the built in grippers on the bottom. With my counter-tops, traditional cutting boards slide around, making for an unsafe situation. The grips are large and work like a charm. The Concave Cutting Board is a perfect fit for any kitchen. I know a certain Chef who will be getting a Concave Cutting Board this holiday season!


The Concave Cutting Board is available for purchase at and retails for $39.99.

To learn more about Architec Housewares visit HERE!

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