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Simply Southern Couponers recently had the chance to work with Collage.Com. allows you to upload photos, then make the into a custom collage (it can be arranged however you like or into one of their 50+ shapes). Collage was created by Kevin Borders’ software that he created to make his girlfriend and anniversary present. He and a coworker from Microsoft, Joe Golden, transformed the original software into the website so everyone could make a custom collage and share their memories.


I have my choice of shape in a 20×30 print. We went to the beach in early June and I have yet to get the pictures printed from it (to be honest, I still haven’t got the pictures printed from when my youngest was born). We went to Tybee Island, GA and if you have seen any pictures from Tybee or Savannah you will almost always see a lighthouse. Browsing through the shapes I saw a lighthouse and I knew what I was going to create. I had about 50ish pictures to add to the collage and when i pressed create it came out perfect. Before placing my order, I was able to move the pictures around and make sure it was perfect before I ordered it. Shipping was extremely fast, as I got this print in less than a few days. I had already went and brought a frame and was so excited when I received the tube with my picture in the mail. 

Collage Picture Review

 I could not believe how big a 20×30 picture was! Our walls are bare right now, so to add to the lighthouse/ beach them I also hot glued seashells Aubreigh and Kaylee found onto picture frames to place beside the pictures. The picture is very high quality and I plan on ordering more from!

The price is not bad for a 20×30 collage picture. Including shipping the price is only $35.98, but for a short time they are offering our viewers a 30% off code. Enter code SOUTHERNCOUPONERS at checkout and only pay around $25 including shipping for your own 20×30 collage! Click HERE to see what all shapes they have and to order your own.

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**Giveaway Details**

Collage is giving one of our lucky viewers the chance to win their very own 20×30 collage print (Value of $29.99).

Giveaway will start August 21st, 2013


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