Tomy is a company that fulfills children and parents dreams worldwide with popular toys. Some of their brands include; John Deere, Lamaze, Chuggington, Tomica, Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train and a few more. Chuggington has three young trainees; Koko, Wilson and Brewster who learn to ride the rails. Each character learns the values of friendship, teamwork, resolving conflicts, following instructions and everyday lessons to help them along the way. Chuggington has become one of the biggest hits in over 175 countries and is translated in 26 languages so children all over the world can enjoy. This show is a great example to show children how to deal with everyday struggles and teaches them the greatest values in life. This is a fun show with great animation. ChuggingtonIcy

We were given the wonderful opportunity to work with Tomy and review the new Chuggington StackTrack Koko’s Icy Escapade Action Playset. Eli is at the age where trains, trucks and anything that moves is very entertaining. We both sat down on Christmas morning and put together his new StackTrack before we cuddled to watch Snow Rescue. 


Koko’s Icy Escapade Action Playset features Koko and the Ice Cave. Koko has to be very careful riding the rails as he goes down the rickety bring with ice cargo. The kids are able to pick up the ice cargo, blast through the ice gate and hurry to reach the top to deliver the load. All of Chuggington StackTrack playsets can be built in multiple ways so the kids don’t easily tire from just one track. It is engineered for stability and has sturdy connections letting the kids build elevated rails. I really love this Chuggington StackTrack because of how the tracks connect you do not have to worry of them coming a loose while playing. Eli can connect and help build his favorite track in under thirty minutes.


Chuggington Snow Rescue DVD features the spirit of the winter season in Chuggington and all the Chuggers are busy making preparations for the holiday Parade of Lights Festival. They are decorating themselves with glowing colorful lights, but when a freeze fog traps Koko, an avalanche derails Fletch, Wilson and the Chug Patrol are zooming to their rescue. This movie features four additional episodes for your little chugger to enjoy all while learning the importance of safety, teamwork and responsibility.

Episodes include:

Snow Rescue Special

Iron Chuggers

Deputy Chug Patrollers

Movie Maker Brewster

Toot’s Tall Tail

Bonus features include:

Cormac, Fletch and Tyne Character Montages, Badge Quest Episode Wilson’s Winter Feed and Coloring and Activity Sheets.

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