Are you ready for Chugginton’s Newest DVD Adventure? Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure to review the Chuggington Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD.  In this DVD you will be introduced to two new Chuggineers: Payce and Cormac. This special collection of adventures, Brewster joins his fellow Chuggineers  to build tracks, tunnels and bridges, haul heavy loads and so much more. In the bonus features you will meet Payce the tunnel runner and Cormac the forklift engine.



~ Chuggineers: Ready to Build Special

~Brewster Makes Tracks

~Back up Brewster

~Outward Bound Olwin

~Fault Finder Emery

In this household we are huge fans of Chuggington. Every time I hear the name Chuggington the theme song pops into my head. The Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD is fantastic. It is chalk full of action and adventure. The DVD is full of old friends and new ones. You will meet two new Chuggineers Payce and Cormac. Payce is a tunnel runner from tootington, and Cormac is a forklift engine.  In Chuggineers Ready to Build, Chuggineers and viewers at home or on the go will learn lessons about responsibility, safety and teamwork. Parents and children alike will enjoy the adventures in Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD. If you need more Chuggington action  check out the bonus features!

Bonus Features:

~”We are the Chuggineers!” Music Video

~Badge Quest Episode: Night Chuggers

~Character Montages: Zach and Jackman

~Coloring & Activity Pages

To learn more about Chuggington and the Chuggineers visit HERE. Looking for great Chuggington toys too? Check out our review of Chuggington StackTrack Brewster’s Big Build Adventure.

Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received the above mentioned product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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