Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Chloe & Isabel on a jewelry review. This company has a unique perspective on different jewelry personalities. Check out this video about what they call The Girlfriend Philosophy to find out if your jewelry personality is a Chloe, an Isabel, or a Chloabel.

I visited the Chloe & Isabel website not knowing what jewelry personality I have. I was looking to select an item and I must say it was a difficult choice! There were so many fun and beautiful pieces that I had a really difficult time finding just the right one. My inspiration for the selection process was to pick something that I could wear to our anniversary dinner. We haven’t been out to dinner alone since our little girl was born over five months ago, so it’s a pretty big deal! On the other hand, I didn’t want to go over the top with something super flashy. Because of those criteria, I feel like I am an Isabel. Some of the pieces I considered getting included

Heirloom Pearl Stud Earrings


Item #E204 $28

Petite Fleur Delicate Stacking Rings


Item #R041S $42

Trésors Layering Necklace Set


Item #N214IR $48

Ocean Lace Flex Bracelet


Item #B191 $28

You can tell by my choices that I was looking for something simple rather than something that was going to turn heads. That’s why I’m an Isabel! I finally decided on the Classic Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set for several reasons:


Item #B173 $48

Versatility- With two completely separate bracelets, it is possible to wear either one or both depending on your outfit and mood. It is also very easy to match these pieces to other jewelry you already have. For example, some pearl earrings would compliment this set nicely.

Elegance- There is something about the look of a pearl that exudes elegance and grace.

Timeless- I don’t think either bracelet screams “Today’s hot new fashion!” The benefit is that it won’t be “Yesterday’s old news” either. I can wear it tomorrow or to my anniversary dinner in 20 years.

Little Black Dress Approved- These add just a little sparkle without stealing the show.

The pictures on the website, while lovely, really don’t do them justice. The glass pearl has a much more lustrous finish to it than the pure white color the picture shows. The black glass is also darker in person than it appears online. The picture almost looks gray when compared to the actual bracelet. But of course different monitor settings and different lighting may contribute to these variations. In any case, I find them stunning!

After ordering, I had to wait a ridiculously short amount of time for my jewelry to arrive. It seemed like I had just finished making my decision and the package arrived in the mail. It was literally only a couple of days. When I first opened the parcel in which my jewelry arrived, I noticed that it looked very classy. It was wrapped in navy blue tissue paper with a sticker proclaiming a “Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.” What a great first impression!


After gently unwrapping the tissue paper, I found myself holding a darling little satchel. This would be a really easy way to give a gift because it already comes pre-wrapped!


Again, the item I ordered was the Classic Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set (item #B173 in case you want to check it out!). This set comes with two bracelets for $48. One is made of rectangular cut black glass, similar in appearance to black diamond.


Rectangular cut black glass

The other is a bracelet of glass pearl patterned with clear cut glass. Both bracelets have the cut glass in settings plated in silver ox (oxidized silver for an antique look) and are completely nickel-free to prevent reactions due to sensitivities.

Glass pearls

Glass pearls with cut glass in silver ox plated setting

I actually adore both bracelets! They are charming and go with just about any dress I own (either individually or together!). I definitely feel elegant wearing them.


They can be worn individually or together

These are both stretch bracelets which can be hit or miss as far as sizing and stretchability. I am happy to report that many of the problems I typically associate with stretch bracelets are thankfully missing here. Both have a good amount of stretch to fit over my hand but this does not result in them being too loose once they are on my wrist. It is actually an amazing fit. I was initially concerned that someone with a larger wrist may find these too difficult to put on, too constraining, or the bracelets would be so stretched as to result in large gaps between beads/stones.

In the name of blogging, I convinced my husband to put one on (for sizing purposes only, of course!). For reference, my wrist measures a circumference of 6 inches. His wrist is a full inch larger around at 7 inches. He did not have any difficulty putting on the pearl bracelet (because the beads are round, they roll on easily. The black diamond one caused a little more difficulty, but was still possible for him to put on his wrist, with plenty of stretch.) He indicated that the pearl bracelet felt more comfortable, probably because it has rounded edges. There was very minimal gapping between beads on either bracelet and only noticeable because I was looking for it. If your wrist measures 7 inches, I would say these will fit just fine! Unfortunately, he declined having a photo taken, so you will just have to take my word for it!

Overall, I would say I love the look and feel of both bracelets from Chloe & Isabel. They had everything I was looking for in a piece of anniversary jewelry: beautiful yet simple, versatile, and of course, sparkly!

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