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Do you ever find yourself excited about a show you watched growing up as a kid that is still on TV? Maybe it has been changed a little but there is nothing wrong with singing a theme song to your favorite show or knowing what’s going to happen next. There’s something pretty awesome about connecting with your kids over something you loved when you were young. It offers kids a glimpse into what you were like as a kid yourself and gives you a way to relive your childhood.

As it turns out, there are many cartoons such as the new Netflix original series Inspector Gadget, and the Power Rangers that are the old-school classics we all grew up on that are more popular than ever, but new reboots are introducing a whole new generation to some of our most favorite characters.

Must-Watch Throwbacks

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New on Netflix for Kids and Families

SAR S1 boxshot USA en

Gallina Pintadita (Now streaming in Spanish!)

Bindi’s Boot Camp (6/15)

Some Assembly Required (6/19)

Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 1 (6/26)

What was your favorite show to watch growing up? 


*Disclosure: I was provided with a product and yearly subscription to Netflix. Come back every month to enjoy more family, kid-friendly movie listings and ideas on how you can enjoy too.*


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