Simply Southern Couponers recently received a chance to review a book from AppleNobbs Books. AppleNobbs Books is a company with a primary goal to educate children and instill life morals by using realistic events with vivid illustrations. The company’s main contributors are passionate mothers with little boys or girls whose stories are developed based on personal family experiences they each face. I received Charlie’s Monster book that is a Halloween Tale just in time for Halloween that is just a month away. This book is very illustrated and colorful. Charlie’s Monster is a youthful character building book for kids that portray emotions and the story’s lesson. The primary character is a devoted fish named Charlie.


Charlie is a very happy fish that with bright colors. He lived at a local pet store until one day a boy named Bobby came to adopt him. Charlie now lives in an abandoned shipwreck and enjoys all the fish food he wants. But lately strange things have been happening around Charlie’s new home. He started to see Halloween decorations around the home like ghosts and skeletons. Bobby’s mother took out Charlie’s shipwreck and added a scary ghost house. Charlie is used to being greeted every day when Bobby would come home but not today which made Charlie sad. He starts to hear strange noises from upstairs  and he gets excited but quickly swims behind his new ghost house and slowly peeks out from behind and gets very scared when he sees a monster coming down the stairs. Quickly Charlie swims into his house thathe was so afraid of going in as the monster continues to head toward Charlie. He only has one option and that is to turn on his lamp above his fish bowl. He gets so excited to see that the big monster he was afraid of is Bobby. As Bobby is dressed in his Halloween costume he brings Charlie his very own costume where he becomes a shark. The costume makes Charlie feel fearless and nothing can scare him. Bobby reminds Charlie that it is Halloween so he will get to see all the trick or treaters dressed up and not to be afraid. 


This book is one of a kind. Not only does it have an amazing story but in the back you will find Charlie’s most important Halloween Safety Tips. As I read this book to the boys it made them laugh and at the time when Charlie was afraid of the big monster Eli was afraid as well, but as I continued to read Eli loved it and wanted me to read it over and over. We really enjoyed this tale. 

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