What’s a shelfie you ask? We all have them – they’re the shows you’ve been wanting to watch but they’ve been sitting on the virtual shelf because…well, because you’re a parent and who has the time?

Oh my goodness! I thought Fall would never get here. During the fall is when all of my favorite shows get ready to release another series. I have my own personal list created with all the shows I watch and want to watch. Now it is time that I share my top shows I’ve been catching up on and see if your shelfie list looks like mine.

Scandal- Is a must see. You become a Gladiator with Olivia Pope. I’ve been watching this since the first series came out and now the 4th season is just beginning and I can not wait. 


One Tree Hill– Has 9 seasons. It is a group of kids who attend Tree Hill High where the star basketball players for the Ravens try to win a championship while the girls stand on the sidelines and cheer. Over a few seasons it finally has them set in collage and then where they are a few years later and what they are doing with their lives. I’ve really gotten into this movie series and can’t wait to get to the end. 

Grey’s Anatomy– Yes this is my all time favorite show of them all. I have watched every show more times than I can count since I have it set on my DVR to record all shows even the very first ones. I love watching Meredith and McDreamy fall in love, fight their battles along side a very talented group of surgeons and co workers. If you love medical drama then this is a must see show. 

Grey s Anatomy

House of Cards– This is one I started watching because it reminded me of Scandal in a way but dealt with power and politics. It has a very great story line and love every episode watching to see what Frank and Claire’s next move will be. I even got my husband watching it and we both love it.  netflix-house-of-cards
Here is a list of other shows that I have watched a loved.

  1. Friday Night Lights
  2. How to Get Away with Murder
  3. Longmire
  4. Hart of Dixie
  5. Private Practice- One of my fav’s
  6. Army Wives- One of my fav’s
  7. Dallas
  8. Orange is the New Black
  9. Graceland
  10. Hawthorne

What is on your Shelfie List? StreamTeamBadge

*Disclosure: I was provided with a product and yearly subscription to Netflix. Come back every month to enjoy more family, kid-friendly movie listings and ideas on how you can enjoy too.*

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