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Candle Warmers is a company that specializes in Flameless Candles. Founded in 2001, the idea was conceived that a different method should be used for releasing fragrance from a candle and Candle Warmers, Etc. was born. Candle Warmers, Etc. commitment to enhancing the home with affordable and safe candle warmer appliances and accessories has contributed to its success with several varied product lines. They pride themselves on Going Flameless and practicing Candle-Sense. They offer a variety of products such as: traditional plate candle warmers, candle warmer lamps and lanterns, the Jamie Clair line of wicked/wickless candles, candle warmer lamp accessories.

I recently was given the opportunity to review a product from Candle Warmers. I chose the Hurricane Candle Warmer Lantern in Oil Rubbed Bronze paired with a Jamie Clair Hurricane Candle 16oz in Evergreen. Greg and I built a log cabin a little over three years ago and have been adding decor little at a time. When I came across this opportunity I new this would be a perfect match for the cabin. I love candles and the Evergreen candle has a fragrance of a strong pine scent of coniferous trees in the high country. Greg and I can not believe the amount of fragrance that this candle puts out. I have it sitting on my kitchen counter and we have those very high ceilings and it fills the entire house within ten minutes of being turned on. We are very happy with the choice of candle scent we chose and the lantern. My three little boys love to blow out my candles after being lit and I am always afraid that my youngest, who is very curious may burn himself one day so with me having the Candle Warmers Go-Flameless Hurricane Lantern I do not have to worry about him being burned or touching the lantern because it doesn’t get hot from the bottom like a warmer its heat comes from the light in the top of the lantern. We had our Easter gathering Sunday with my mother-in-law and father-in-law over and they both complimented on the appearance and smell of the candle and lantern. They are wanting to order one for their home and I will be ordering another lantern and a few more candles. I highly recommend Candle Warmers Hurricane Lantern to anyone who loves candles.

IMG_0631Candle Warmers offers four different choices of Hurricane lanterns to choose from Black, Rustic Brown, Brushed Nickel and the Oil Rubbed Bronze. These lanterns can go with any anything. The Jamie Clair candle scents you have over twenty different scents to choose from.
The Jamie Clair 16 oz candle has a burn time of up to 100 hours. You simply place the candle on the lantern, click the switch on a within minutes the light burning from the top of the lantern starts melting the top of the candle putting out a everlasting fragrance. The Hurricane Lantern comes with a bulb you just place in top, plug into the wall and switch on and start filling your home with a wonderful fragrance.

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