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Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to work with Candle Warmers and review a few of their products. Candle Warmers develops, manufactures and distributes patented candle warming appliances and other accessories to help fragrance the home.  Founded in 2001, the idea was conceived that a different method should be used for releasing fragrance from a candle and Candle Warmers, Etc. was born. They also manufacture and distribute their candles under “City Creek Candles” which are each hand poured, scented candles giving customers a choice of wicked or wickless candle options. Candle Warmers has a wide array of product lines including the traditional plate candle warmers, candle warmers lanterns and lamps, wax melt warmers, wax melts, crock warmers, lamp accessories and City Creek Candles line of wickless and wicked candles.


I received a Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp in Black, a Illumination Fragrance Warmer in Chevron, Cedar Creek Candles in Hot Apple Pie 16oz. Candle and Warm Vanilla 4oz. Wax Melt for review. I love burning candles but having kids who like to run around and play while candles are lit just keep me on my toes. I am always checking to make sure they do not bother them especially since they like to blow my candles out. I was excited when I came across Candle Warmers website. I started browsing their collections of Candle and Wax Warmers and loved their selections of designs. From the actual warmers to plugins Candle Warmers has a great selection to choose from. I have never bought a Wax Warmer before so this was something new for me to try out. When I visit friends I see they have candle warmers in their homes and it just seems a lot safer but I never tried for myself. While browsing over Candle Warmers site I found several Candle Warmers I’d love to have. There is nothing like having a candle in each room delivering their own scents.


I have our Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp in my kitchen and the Illumination Fragrance Wax Warmer downstairs in our basement living area also known as the “man cave”. Shortly, after I turned on my Candle Warmer Lamp the fragrance began to fill the living room, dining room and living room. We have high ceilings all throughout the main floor of our log cabin, with no doors in our kitchen, dining or living room so the fragrance was all over the house within no time. When Greg is downstairs he turns on the wax warmer using the  Warm Vanilla Wax Melt and the fragrance fills the living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom and drifts upstairs to our main living area. I only used half of the 4oz. wax melt bar and I am saving the other half. Only using half of the wax melts still puts off a great scent for such a small amount.


The Hot Apple Pie candle by City Creek Candles smells fabulous. Its not the like Apple Pie candles you smell in the stores that gives you a headache or burns your nose, this is very refreshing candle and actually smells like apple pie, but I have to say the Warm Vanilla is my overall favorite. With the warmers I do not have to worry about the boys being burned by the flames because the warmers heat from the top with a light bulb and on the wax warmer it heats from the bottom with the light bulb. I highly recommend Candle Warmers to anyone who loves candles and most of all who loves Candle Warmers, Wax Warmers or who wants to try some very refreshing smelling candles.To see more products visit Candle Warmers Website here and City Creek Candles here for their selection of fragrances.

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