CafePress lets users create unique custom products that express what people love most. On average, CafePress gets 135,000 new designs added each week! There are over 2 million shops with over 300 million products available. Everything from the latest phenomenons to your favorite causes and interests, You can find it all on CafePress!!


Simply Southern Couponers received the opportunity to review a product from CafePress. Since Father’s Day is fast approaching, I picked out a Father’s Day shirt for my hubby.  I picked out the No. 1 Dad T-Shirt in black.  He isn’t in to any shirt designs that are over the top and all that, so I figured this shirt would be perfect for him. Receiving it, I loved it. The design on the shirt is very well made and doesn’t make the shirt stiff or crunchy sounding like most designs would. It’s a simple design that will never go out of style. My husband usually makes a little mess when he eats, so with the black shirt, if we are out and about, the stains wont be noticeable 🙂


Father’s Day is this Sunday and I can’t wait for my husband to see this shirt!! He is going to be proud to wear it.

You can find many things on CafePress, here are just a few examples:

dark_tshirt keep_calm_and_stay_strong_womens_plus_size_scoop fiftieth_birthday_mug 514_180x180_Board

No matter what your interest is, what your occupation is, or how old you are, you will always find something on CafePress. If not, you can always upload your own!

To view all the products they have available, visit CafePress here.

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