If you have an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad, then you have a charger. Maybe you even have multiple chargers. In my experience, charging cables and kids are just not a good mix. I don’t know what it is about cords, but any child who walks in my house is drawn to them like a magnet. When kids see a cord they want to pull it, chew it, whip it around, jump rope, and tie things up with it. For some reason those dangling cables are just too tempting. Of course, you could use twist ties but then you’re liable to have a choking hazard on your hands. Isn’t there a nice looking way to keep the cables all tidy and prevent little hands from being tempted by them?

ipad charger

Why, yes there is! I’m so glad you asked. Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Nice by Design on a review of their Cable Keeps for iDevices. Nice is a Seattle based company which strives to create environmentally friendly products that delight and inspire people. They currently have Cable Keeps for the iPhone/iPod/iPad Mini and iPad. They also offer a Cable Keep Plus Charger which will work for Android and Windows phones as well.


We have iPhones and an iPad so we received a Cable Keep for both of those devices.

cable keep in box

For the iPad, you will need to buy Nibbles. Nibbles is a big fish, capable of containing the larger sized charger for the iPad.

cable keep nibbles

Here is how Nibbles works: take your charger and put it in his mouth then plug your cable in where his tail is located. So easy.

cable keep nibbles charger

Now you can plug Nibbles into the wall.

cable keep nibbles wall

To store the cable, simply wind it around Nibbles’ tail gently. You have just reduced the hanging cable temptation for children!

cable keep nibbles stored

This is a fantastic way to travel with your charger. Once it is all wound up, simply place it in your backpack, purse, pocket, or wherever you normally carry the charger. Now the cable won’t get tangled with your keys and all that other extraneous stuff that it mysteriously winds its way around from the time you put it in your bag to the time you take it out to use it.

cable keep nibbles travel

If you have an iPhone, the Cable Keep you need is Goldie. Goldie is a much smaller fish and perfectly fits on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad Mini chargers. Goldie works just like Nibbles but has the added ability to hold your phone while it is in the process of charging. The tail creates a little stand where your phone can be placed. I am sure you can imagine the problems that are solved by not having a charging cable running from the wall to another location.

cable keep iphone charge

These Cable Keeps would make a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with an iPhone or other iDevice. I think people who travel a lot would really get a kick out of these little fish! Not only does it help keep cords from entangling while en route, they also are adorable and bring a little personality to your charger. To stuff some stockings with Goldie and Nibbles, visit Nice by Design here.

cable keep goldie nibbles

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