I had the pleasure of reviewing the BumGenius Freetime in Mirror, and their One-Sized pocket diaper in the Albert print.

I have never used a BumGenius (or any Cotton Babies) brand before, so I was very excited to be able to try out their products. I have been cloth diapering my daughter for the past nine months, and have always seemed to have issues with leaking and proper fit. In all honesty, I have yet to have a leak with either one of the BumGenius diapers.

The Freetime is an All-In-One, meaning the inserts are sewn into the diaper, so there’s no removing anything before you do a wash routine. The color, Mirror, is a beautiful and vibrant teal. The tabs have this great elasticity to them, making it easier to snap the diaper in place. The Freetime is also One-Sized, just like the Albert, meaning the snaps on the front are adjustable for baby to wear from a tiny 8 pounds, all the way to 36 pounds.

I tried them on my three year old to see if they would comfortably fit, and surprisingly, they did! My three year old is 37 inches tall, and 31 pounds.

CottonBabies has pocket and All-In-One diapers, as well as covers and inserts for their hybrid Flip brand. So no matter what your preferred type of diapering be, whether it’s all-in-ones, pockets, covers, or hybrids, CottonBabies has it!

When it comes to washing, I was worried that there would be staining or a smell, and ruin the brightness and clean look of the inserts, as I’ve previously had issues with when it came to other brands. I used the BumGenius detergent (which is cloth diaper safe!) after I did a prewash, and then did two rinses. And to my surprise, there was not one hint of a stain!! I was so excited!! You can dry them in a dryer, or if you’re like me and are into saving energy, you can line dry them, which is also great if you do ever have a stain, because the sun naturally lifts the stains out.

I have used both diapers quite often and they are still in pristine condition, and have no stink or wear to them, which is important to me, because I plan on cloth diapering all of my future children. Visit BumGenius Website here and view their entire line of products.

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