Life of a Southern Mom was recently given the opportunity to work with Lima Bear® Press, and review one of their latest installments in the 12 book series in “The Lima Bear Stories.”. They want to publish children’s stories that are captivating and that have creative text and illustrations that are engaging for their young audience. 

Each picture book in the Lima Bear Stories series has messages for children to help them handle everyday situations with siblings and friends, including tolerance, honesty, and courage. Each of the characters have their own personality, appearance and will reappear throughout the series. Your child will get to know the characters and be able to see how they react in each of the different situations. They will even become like friends with the characters and form a bond with them as reading their adventures. The company believes that this bonding creates a more profound understanding and appreciation of the message. There are learning and activity questions that are featured to allow parents to teach their children further about the concepts that are introduced in the books. bully

Bully Bean is a giant bean that is feared in the kingdom of beandom. He is all about his tricks, makes fun of other beans and in some instances will put them in danger. Lima Bear, the only bear with green fur, is Bully Bean’s favorite to pick on because he is always wanting to help others.


But what happens when Bully Bean is in danger? Will Lima Bear and his friends run away, or will they rescue him?

Lima Bear knows that when you treat others with kindness that it is the right thing to do. Bully Bean has been mean to him for a long time, but that does not stop him from gathering a group together to save Bully Bean. Bully Bean learns that it is better to be helpful than harmful in the kingdom. This book is great to teach kids about bullies and how to help them turn into friends instead of bullies. 

Thomas Weck is a creative and captivating national award-winning author of children’s books. With four children of his own and a keen observer of children in many environments in the US and in foreign countries, including teaching children through the Peace Corps, he has distilled these observations into stories that excite the imagination of young minds a midst peals of laughter and learning. Peter Weck and Len DiSalvo also helped with the writing and illustrations in the series. 

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received the above mentioned product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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