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 My husband is a very avid outdoorsman and hunter. When I came across Bullet Designs website I knew this was a site that Greg would like. I started browsing and was amazed at all the products that could be made out of bullets. When holidays, birthdays and anniversaries come around buying for someone who has everything and when I say everything I mean everything you could possibly need from guns, bullets, vests, blinds, targets, scent blockers, hunting clothes etc. it makes it very hard to buy for because they really do not need anything. Bullet Designs was founded in 2010 in hopes of a solution to what to buy an outdoorsman or woman who has everything in their sports. 

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Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review a product from Bullet Designs. I browsed their site and found Greg the perfect gift for our upcoming anniversary. I found a ring similar to his Masonic Ring that I got him as his wedding ring but a smaller version Men’s Sterling Silver & Brass Bullet Ring that is made out of recycled (fired) 30.06 bullet. The same bullet he uses when he deer hunts which have been a passion of his for years. Bullet Designs products are unique and are made right here in the US. Each ring has the option of including a Swarovski Crystal in the center of the bullet design to add a unique look. 

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When I received his ring I was elated by the look of this ring. I never imaged having a piece of jewelry made out of a bullet but I can tell you pictures does not do this ring justice. It is a must see in person kind of piece. I surprised Greg and let him open the package for his early anniversary present and he was shocked that I had gotten him a gift that was made out of a real bullet. He has never owned a piece of jewelry that was made out of a bullet. I think this was one of the best gifts I could have gotten him. I do not like having to sit and ponder on what to buy someone who has everything because I rack my brain, but Bullet Designs created a ring that we are both very pleased with. 

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Bullet Designs makes gifts like jewelry, ceiling fan pulls, cuff links, shotgun party lights and much more. If you have someone who loves the outdoors or is a big hunter, Bullet Designs is just the site to head over and start shopping especially since Christmas is a few months away. This site is perfect for anyone who would love to have a unique gift. 

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