Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of partnering with Brewsees on a review of a pair of their sunglasses. The Brewsees sunglasses were created to solve a very unique problem. There are currently some flip flops on the market that have a bottle opener built into the sole of the shoe. This seems like a really clever idea because you will never be without a bottle opener and people will want to be your friend just so you will open their bottles with your shoe. Unfortunately, the creators of Brewsees found a major flaw in the design: stepping in poop. Once you do that, you are never going to want to put something that goes in your mouth anywhere near that shoe again. Well they went ahead and created a new product that will be just as handy but does not go anywhere near disgusting things that may be laying on the ground: bottle opener sunglasses!


We received the David Wells sunglasses for review and I have to say I was really impressed with them. First of all, the sunglasses themselves are a high quality product. They have polarized charcoal lenses. This is a great feature for anyone participating in water and snow sports such as fishing, surfing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, etc. because it reduces the glare off of the snow and water’s surface. These sunglasses also provide UV protection for your eyes. Extended exposure to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight) can not only cause sunburns on your skin, but can also damage the cornea or lens of the eye itself. The Brewsees sunglasses block 100% of UV rays. You only have one set of eyes, it seems silly not to protect them from damage with such a simple strategy as wearing these sunglasses!

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On to the most important, unique, and impressive feature of the Brewsees: the bottle opener. To be honest I was a little skeptical that this would work in any practical manner. Fortunately, the makers of Brewsees have a much more extensive understanding of opening bottles than I do because the bottle opener works fantastically! Because my husband has opened many times more bottles of beer than I have, I had him check out this feature. He said using the bottle opener was very easy. He said it was no more difficult than using a standard bottle opener and is actually easier to use than some “novelty” bottle openers.

brewsees sunglasses opener

Alright, so they have some excellent features and work as expected, but what about actually wearing them? My husband said they were quite comfortable to wear. He said if he had not known in advance that they were also bottle openers, he would not have been able to tell when wearing them. The bottle openers are behind each ear when worn and do not interfere in any way with the normal function of sunglasses. They did not jab him in the head or otherwise cause him any discomfort. This is actually high praise coming from him, since he is pretty particular about sunglasses.

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These Brewsees sunglasses would make an excellent gift for college students, athletes, tailgaters, beach goers, hunters, and anyone else who ever goes outside while also desiring to partake of bottle capped beverages. Visit the Brewsees website to take a look at the selection of designs available and to pick up a pair for that special outdoors person in your life.

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