Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Simple Wishes to review their bra specially designed for breast pumping moms. Simple Wishes is a company founded by four sisters who set out to design products for moms which were lacking in the current market. Each of the four women brings her own talents and strengths to Simple Wishes, which is truly a family run business!


Simple Wishes has created a Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra to support mamas who for one reason or another pump milk to feed their babies. The bra allows for completely hands free operation of a breast pump, allowing you to use your hands for any number of other tasks. It is also fully adjustable not only to fit a wide range of body sizes and types, but also to accommodate a woman’s changing sizes to support weight loss or gain without buying multiple bras, as well as times of engorgement and emptied breasts without a cup feeling too tight or loose.

Simple Wishes bra box

Before we get into actually pumping, let’s take a look at getting a good fit, because no matter how great a bra is at giving you hands free pumping, if it doesn’t fit well, you won’t wear it anyway. The first set of adjustments comes through the use of a Velcro panel in the back. For the tightest fit, you bring the back tabs of the bra completely together on the panel. For larger sizes, gradually separate the two tabs until you have achieved the perfect fit around your torso. You can see how gaining and losing weight would be easy to accommodate for by a simple adjustment of some Velcro.

Simple Wishes bra back

The next sizing adjustment that is possible to make is in the front of the bra. By default, the bra is set up with a single zipper down the front. It is really great to have it fasten in the front, because it can sometimes be difficult to make sure all of the hooks are fastened and aligned with a rear closure bra. In fact, this pumping bra completely eliminates the hook and eye closures in favor of Velcro and zippers. If the single zipper does not allow for a comfortable fit, it is possible to add another inch between the two cups with the optional center panel. This is very easy to insert. Simply unzip the front and then use the two zippers to attach the center panel. The cups are now placed farther apart and the overall width is one inch wider. If you decide to add this at a later time, you may need to tighten the Velcro in the back to account for the additional inch in the front.

Simple Wishes bra straps

Another optional feature is the straps. This bra has sufficient support to wear strapless, but if you find it more comfortable, you can also attach the matching straps. There are multiple locations where the straps can be hooked which allows you to select a variety of strap styles. You can wear them in a halter, racer back, or in the traditional tank style configuration. Even if you prefer to wear the bra strapless, you might consider putting the straps on as you initially set the bra up the first time. This is helpful so that you do not have to hold the bra up at the same time as you are affixing the Velcro or determining your preference for the front panel.

Finally, we come to the part about pumping. Each breast has two layers of fabric covering it. These layers are split across the middle so that you can access the breast for pumping. One layer opens horizontally, while the other opens vertically.

Simple Wishes bra pump opening

Once the breast flange is placed inside the bra, the two layers are easily pushed aside and you can attach your pump to the flange. The layers of fabric firmly hold the flange to the body. If this is not happening for you, it is possible you may need to tighten the Velcro in the back. After getting everything set up and your pump turned on (you can also use a manual pump, but it won’t be hands free because you will need one hand to pump!), all you need to do is sit back and relax, read a book, check your email, or have lunch! Just don’t forget to keep an eye on the milk level!

Simple Wishes Bra pump

Although this bra is very supportive, it is important to note that it does have a straight cut across the top. This means it would not be ideal for wearing under a V-neck or other low cut tops.

Simple Wishes bra front on

Simple Wishes bra compared with a nursing tank.

Also, while it would be possible to breastfeed by unzipping the front, it could be difficult to manage in public and is not the bra I would select for a combination of pumping and breastfeeding. If that is a feature you would like, Simple Wishes does have another bra called the B3 All-in-One Bra, which is designed with that purpose in mind.

The Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra is great because it has a variety of different sizing options and strap placement options. It securely holds your flanges in place for pumping and allows you to use your hands for other tasks than holding everything to maintain proper suction. No matter why you choose to pump for your baby, make it easier to multi-task by using a bra specially designed for pumping. To get your own Simple Wishes bra, visit their website here.

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I received one or more products for review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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