For Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we are pleased to present companies and products that support and enhance your breastfeeding journey!

My initial impression of nursing pads was a box of disposable pads given to me by a friend who had some leftover from her nursing days. At first, I was so relieved to have something, anything to keep me from waking up in a puddle of milk every night. However, I noticed that while they were very effective at absorbing liquid, they were apparently absorbing every molecule of moisture because my skin was becoming dry and felt chapped. As a result, I ended up using a cream to add moisture back to my skin. Of course, I had to use my nursing pads to prevent me from getting the cream on my bras, which in turn continued to dry out my skin. When would this terrible cycle of madness end? Apparently, when I realized I did not have to use disposable nursing pads. For all the same reasons I choose to cloth diaper my daughter, I now use cloth nursing pads as well!

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Life of a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to work with Lactation Connection to review their Amamante Nursingwear 100% Cotton Washable Nursing Pads. Lactation Connection is a company designed to help moms have the most successful nursing journey possible. The products they offer are ones in which they are confident in the quality and durability. They have a lactation consultant who works with them to recommend specific products to ensure you are selecting from the best available options.

The Amamante Nursing Pads are among their top selections for washable nursing pads. These offer four layers of cotton for a plush absorbent pad. They are designed to contour to your body with the darted finish. In addition, these Amamante pads are a very affordable option for those who want to switch to washable nursing pads. At just under $10 for a four pack, they will quickly pay for themselves by using them in place of disposables. They also come in a cute reusable mesh bag.

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So now the question is, did they solve my endless cycle of dryness and cream application? Absolutely, yes is the answer! Because they are made of 100% cotton, they are the same material as many bras themselves. In fact, after wearing them for a little while, I completely forgot they were there because they felt so soft and comfortable against my skin. The darting ensures they fit nicely without being too bulky.

Dart contour fit

These are slightly more bulky than some other pads, particularly when compared to disposables. However, even with the added bulk, they were still not noticeable under my clothing. It is possible if you were to wear something very form fitting that they would be slightly visible. Perhaps this leads you to consider looking for something a little more trim. Let me tell you that the thicker pads come with a benefit: they are more absorbent. I was able to administer a full teaspoon of liquid to the pad, a drop at a time, before I noticed moisture on my clothing. Now, a teaspoon may not seem like a whole lot, but if you imagine how quickly (or really how slowly) you need moisture absorbed, you will realize it takes quite a bit of milk leaking to add up to a full teaspoon. I wore one pair for an entire day and had absolutely no milk leak through onto my clothing.

If you are ready to make the comfortable choice and switch to a washable nursing pads, you can’t go wrong with choosing the affordable, comfortable, and absorbent Amamante pads from Lactation Connection! To get yours today, head on over to Lactation Connection.

Don’t forget to check out Lactation Connection on their social media sites for more information and breastfeeding support!




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