Do you ever have those moments where you are playing with your baby and you think, “I should be doing more to encourage his/her development.”? This happens to me occasionally. I start wondering what else I could be doing to promote language, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social skills, cognitive development… As parents it can be overwhelming to know that this little person is depending on you for so much!


Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of partnering with Brain Insights for a review of one of their 40 card packets. Brain Insights uses research based strategies and compiles easy to use cards for each age level from birth to five years old. Each card set provides ideas about how to interact with your child. The card sets can be used by parents, grandparents, babysitters, daycares, and even older siblings. The cards focus on how to provide loving interactions, play, movement, nutrition, sleep and nature experiences.

brain insights 40 cards

Each year from birth to five has a card pack with developmentally appropriate tips and activities. We received Fun While I’m One for review. What I love about this series is that it provides very simple ideas that you can implement throughout your day. Other sets include Love Your Baby (activities for newborns up to one year), More To Do While I’m Two, Play With Me While I’m Three, Let’s Learn More While I’m Four, and Help Me Thrive While I’m Five.

One example from the Fun While I’m One set is called Put In and Take Out. The card contains two sentences giving you an activity to do and suggested materials to use.

brain insights activity

The reverse side of each card provides an explanation of how each activity benefits your baby’s development.

brain insights explanation

For the Put In and Take Out activity, I got out a box full of blocks that my daughter could use for the objects she would put in and take out. I also took out a baby friendly bowl for something short and wide and a large cereal container for something tall and narrow. As you can see, this activity could be done with a limitless variety of objects and containers, providing a new experience each time.

brain insights put in

Not all of the activities even require materials. Some simply require you and your baby. They could involve talking to your baby, showing body parts, crawling together, and tickling. Each card very briefly explains what to do. They are all very quick to read and can be worked in to every day life, even if you are busy.

It’s also important to remember that each packet of cards is intended for use over a whole year in a child’s life. Some activities may seem difficult for your child at first. These are not meant to be frustrating for either you or your little one. They are all intended to help your child grow through play and a loving adult relationship. If something seems challenging or frustrating, it’s alright to come back to it another time. Alternately, you can model the activities for your child who may enjoy simply watching you put things in containers and take them out (using the example card shown above).

The Brain Insights card sets would be a perfect gift for a parent, grandparents, or anyone else who interacts with young children on a regular basis. They are also a great stocking stuffer for those who are seeking to enrich their children’s lives with developmental activities that are fun and easy to implement. To purchase a set of Brain Insights cards, visit their website here.

brain insights sets

For more developmental information, stay in touch with Brain Insights on their social media sites.

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