Simply Southern Couponers had the pleasure of working with Bowflex to review the Bowflex Boost.  The Boost is one of Bowflex’s newest products. It is unlike any of its other products because it is not a piece of workout equipment. The Boost is a device  in which you wear to help aid you in a healthier lifestyle and staying active.IMG_2431

I was a bit skeptical at first, but after a few days using the Boost I couldn’t stop tracking my progress. The Boost is for everyone no matter your fitness level, weight or age. It was designed to keep you motivated and moving. The activities you do everyday like running, walking or lifting weights are recorded and count towards your goal. Everything I did was easily tracked by their pre-programmed daily goals and with its Bluetooth syncing capabilities with the free Bowflex Boost mobile app. The mobile app is compatible with the iPhone 4S and newer devices.

The Boost works in four easy steps per Blowflex:

  1. Set Your Goal
  2. Start Tracking
  3. Sync Wirelessly
  4. Stay Active


I was able to use the Boost by Bowflew with ease. Once you upload the app you can begin setting your daily personal goals.  It was simple to check my progress using my phone. It kept track of my activities and sleep. Since the Boost uses Bluetooth technology it automatically syncs with my phone. This was great since I didn’t have to put in or track on my own. It easily does everything for me, one less thing to do the better.  I was able to stay on track with my goals easily while using the Boost.  It’s like my own personal motivator. The more I checked my progress the more I wanted to do towards my goals. The Boost even gives you insights tailored to your own goals. I was able to share my progress with friends and family because the app also features a Facebook and Twitter function. A little ‘boost’ of confidence from family and friends never hurts.

The Boost is very comfortable. It’s like a watch or a bracelet. Half the time I forgot I had it on. I have even forgotten to take it off before a shower which wasn’t a problem. The boost features a water resistant feature. It is resistant up to one meter. This means it’s okay in the shower or rain, swimming however is not recommended.

The Boost is a great new device that I happily welcome into my new healthy lifestyle and fitness routine. After using the Boost, I can’t remember what I did before it.

If you would like to know more about Bowflex you can visit here.

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