Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with Born Free on a review of the Nighty Night Nursing Light. When I first received this little light, I had no idea that it was going to revolutionize the way my family sleeps.


When my daughter was first born, it was necessary to do several diaper changes and feedings every night and I did not want to wake everyone up by turning on the ceiling light. Although she is down to just a few feedings and very rarely needs a middle of the night diaper change, I still need to be able to see without turning on a bright light. From the beginning, we have used a desk lamp with a very low wattage bulb sitting on a dresser in our bedroom which we would keep on all night. This kept from startling anyone with a light turning on in the middle of the night and provided enough light to accomplish the necessary tasks. My husband would occasionally make comments about the light bothering him in the middle of the night or when he was trying to fall asleep. It wasn’t the best solution for night time feeding, but it was what we did.

The Nighty Night Nursing Light changed our entire middle-of-the-night light debacle. Before trying it in the night, I played with all of the features during the day to familiarize myself with the different settings and options.

On/Off- The light is turned on and off by pressing on the moon and star button.

Light Timer- There is a timer for the light so that it will automatically shut off after a given time. The duration options are 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.


Vibration Option- You can select to have vibration turned on or off. At the end of your light timer, the Nursing Light will vibrate 7 times. The intention is to wake you up if you doze off during a nursing session.


Clip: The clip is spring operated and can be attached to any fabric from a shirt to a curtain.

Batteries: The light takes 2 AAA batteries.

The first night I got it, I decided to go cold turkey on the desk lamp and only use the Nursing Light. I had two major concerns: finding the small light in the middle of the night in the dark and being able to have enough light to check on the baby without waking her up.

The first concern was easily solved by clipping the light to the fitted sheet on the side of the bed. This kept it within easy reach. This also solved the second problem because I simply had to press the light while leaving it clipped to the sheet and I had enough light without having to hold it over her face to check on her. In the middle of the night, turning on any light is going to seem quite bright. However, when I compared the light output to that of the desk lamp, it was a drastic reduction.


That first night was a bit of an adjustment for me and the baby. We both woke up more frequently because of the change. Subsequent nights though, showed a decreased number of awakenings in the night in addition to shorter periods of being awake. My husband, on the other hand, was ecstatic about sleeping in almost complete darkness for the first time in five months.

One feature that I think is a great idea is the vibration. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work for us. I do have a tendency to fall asleep during nursing so I was hopeful that this device would help improve our sleeping safety by alerting me at the end of a specific time period. I found that the vibration is adequate to awaken me, but the audible noise produced is enough to awaken everyone else too. I sometimes startle when the vibration begins which also wakes up the baby, and nobody wants that. I am hopeful that the improved, darker sleeping conditions will decrease my tendency to fall asleep while nursing by feeling more rested overall.

In all, I would recommend this little light to parents of babies who are having middle of the night feedings. Whether bottle or breastfeeding, a small light that will automatically shut off after a few minutes is really handy. If you are like us and sleep with a light on in your bedroom (even if it’s a nightlight!) you might want to give the Nighty Night Nursing Light a try.


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